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HDFC ERGO General Insurance
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

HDFC ERGO General Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance is a joint venture of HDFC Limited of India and Ergo International AG. of Munich, with 51% and 48% equity stake respectively in HDFC ERGO General Insurance. Already an established housing finance organization, HDFC Limited has a strong portfolio of services that includes banking, asset management, and general insurance.

HDFC General Insurance operates in more than 110 cities and as many and more branches. HDFC Ergo’s products have been designed to cater to the changing needs of customers. Each product is curated based on careful analysis of case studies. Situational risks, contingencies required, and customer welfare reinstating costs are all part of the product assessment criteria.

Owing to the company’s propensity to conduct research and analysis, and delivering well-thought products, ICRA accorded the company with an ‘iAAA’ rating. The rating signifies the company’s massive claim paying ability. The strong market presence of HDFC ERGO Insurance is justified, given its claim conversion ratio of 99%. With more than seven thousand five hundred network garages spread across the country, it is amongst the largest motor accident insurance companies. Empanelled are also 10000 hospitals part of the cashless hospitalization network – serving millions of customers across almost every nook and corner of the country.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance provides various insurance products that cater to different sectors. Personal accident insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, and home insurance are insurance product categories. Apart from this, there are customized insurance solutions too in the realm of marine insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance. Five million policies and counting, the insurer is ISO 9001:2008 certified and commands a growth rate of 20% CAGR for the past several years.

Known for its products that offer enhanced customer and service experience, it is amongst the few general insurance companies that have launched technologically advanced and backed insurance solutions.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance: Present Position

Customer experience is a critical aspect of the company’s product portfolio. Easy access, better manageability of one’s personal information, easy retrieval, claims processing, and feedback is some of the noticeable aspects of the user experience from HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company. The following are some of the popular customer-centric apps from the company:

  • Insurance Portfolio Organiser (IPO) App- Helps customers manage their information. They have unlimited access to their claims and policy information. They can access services round-the-clock. New policies can be linked – it includes policies that are not from the company. Another significant feature is that the health card can be viewed and sent via email.
  • The IPO App (Apple Watch) – An IPO app for a wearable device is not common. HDFC Ergo General Insurance has created such an app for the convenience of customers.
  • Overnight Vehicle Repair Service – This is a unique service from HDFC General Insurance that allows cars that have insurance claims to be serviced at garages overnight. The service aims to get the vehicle in the driving condition the very next day. It allows customers to escape the inconveniences caused by the non-availability of personal transport. The service is available for commuter taxis and personal cars from HDFC ERGO General Insurance.
  • DIA – this is a chatbot that is available on the company’s website. It is AI-enabled (Artificial Intelligence).

Insurance awareness is another focus area for HDFC Ergo General Insurance. Being amongst the largest non-life insurers in the country, the company leverages its reach to spread awareness of the benefits of insurance. A campaign in this regard is the HDFC ERGO Insurance Awareness Award Junior. This is essentially a quiz contest. The purpose of the quiz is to build awareness of the benefits of insurance – the target audience being school children.

More of a learning initiative, the quiz is held in phases as schools are invited to participate in the competition. In the inaugural quiz contest, HDFC Ergo representatives presented to the audience the concept of insurance, HDFC Insurance Plan and policies, their importance, and practical implications.

Currently, the company is presided by Mr. Deepak S. Parekh. He is also the Chairman of the holding company.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance: Products & Services

HDFC ERGO Insurance has an extensive product portfolio. The following are some of the products offered by the insurer from the category of health and motor.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans can be categorized into the following types:

HDFC ERGO General My Health Suraksha Silver Smart Plan

With an affordable premium, and an assured sum ranging from Rs 3 to 5 lakh, this plan covers all medical needs. Cashless hospitalization is available. All phases are covered – including pre and post hospitalization, patient treatment, etc. If the basic policy’s insured sum and its accumulated benefits are entirely utilized in a policy year, a regain sum insured is activated. The regain sum insured amount is cent percent of the insured amount of the basic policy. HDFC ERGO Policy Status can be obtained online after creating an account with HDFC ERGO.

HDFC ERGO General My Health Suraksha Gold Smart Plan

The sum insured ranges from Rs 7.5 to 15 lakh. Cashless hospitalization, rebound facility of the sum insured, and several other features are common to that of any My Health Suraksha policy. This type of policy is beneficial for those whose base insurance requirement is higher.

HDFC ERGO General My Health Suraksha Platinum Smart Plan

This policy from HDFC ERGO General Insurance is for those who have a higher requirement for insurance in the range of Rs 20 lakh to 75 lakh. All other features remain the same as that of any Suraksha plan. Given that this policy is of a higher amount, the premium amount is higher too. It is helpful for those who want thorough coverage of anticipated higher health and medical expenses.

HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Top Up Policy

Being a top-up policy, this plan supplements an existing one. The policyholder can take a larger sum insured policy at a much lower cost. This is the fundamental benefit of this policy. The insurance holder not only gets a wider coverage but also incurs lower premium costs.

HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Policy

Critical illness is classified as that condition that leaves a person unable to earn or provide for themselves or their family. This insurance policy from HDFC ERGO General Insurance covers such a contingency. Not only does it cover pre and post hospitalization expenses, but also provides a lumpsum amount for the person to assist their recuperation.

HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Platinum Policy

This is a much larger and broader insurance policy that covers multiple critical illnesses—roughly 15 of them. Starting from the first diagnosis, and after a 30 period termed as a ‘survival period,’ the amount that a person is eligible for includes recuperation expenses, hospital treatment, funds for making lifestyle changes to restore normal functioning of life, etc.

My-Health Medisure Classic Insurance

This policy from HDFC ERGO Insurance is designed to meet the insurance requirements of the policyholder’s parents only. A claim-free year attracts a 5% claim bonus. HDFC ERGO Insurance Renewal of the policy is lifelong. There is no upper age threshold to enroll a senior citizen. Tenure of the policy can range from 1 to 2 years. Add-on riders are available; one among them is the option to activate Double Sum Insured in case there is a need to cover critical illnesses. And as with all HDFC Ergo Insurance products, this one comes with a cashless hospitalization facility too.

My-Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance

Being a top-up plan from HDFC ERGO General Insurance, insurance coverage can be availed over an existing insurance coverage amount. The plan offers a wide range of facilities and benefits. Some of them are lifelong HDFC ERGO Policy Renewal facility, enrollment without medical tests up to 55 years of age, no variable premium for persons from 61 years of age, etc. Some standout features are that the policyholder can get a 5% discount for a policy with tenure of 2 years and a 10% discount when the policy is enrolled with 2 to 3 family members. HDFC ERGO guarantees a response time that is less than 6 hours for a cashless claim. Thirty days of pre-hospitalization and 60 days of post-hospitalization expenses are covered.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy

This policy from HDFC General Insurance safeguards policyholders from accidental car damage. It could be due to various human-made or natural situations. The insurance not only insures the policyholder but also has the provision to include a third-party person who was affected. Car insurance can be categorized into:

HDFC ERGO Private Car Insurance Policy

The Private Car Insurance Plan from HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company protects car owners against damage, arson, natural disasters that can cause the car to become non-functional. The policy also includes third-party liability insurance. The difference between this car insurance policy and the normal non-private car insurance policy is that the latter only covers damages to the vehicle. The former insures the policyholder too.

HDFC ERGO Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

Not just private cars or vehicles, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, provides robust commercial vehicle insurance policies as well. They cover expenses incurred due to damages caused to commercial vehicles. The policy also covers any legal liability arising due to accidental damage or death caused to third-parties.

HDFC ERGO Third Party Liability Only Insurance Policy

This policy exclusively covers third party legal liabilities. It covers damages or accidental death caused to third-party, where the insured vehicle was directly or indirectly unintentionally the causal entity.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Two-wheeler insurance is very important, especially in a country with dense traffic. Statistics indicate that two-wheeler insurance is a popular insurance category going by the sheer number of claims. HDFC ERGO General Insurance provides a wide range of products in this category with varying insured amounts. The company provides two types of two-wheeler insurance products – liability only two-wheeler insurance and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Renewal of HDFC ERGO General Insurance

Renewal of an HDFC ERGO General insurance policy is a straightforward process. The process is even easier through For example, if it is health insurance that one is renewing, then he/she needs to visit The process can further be continued by clicking on health insurance, then clicking on renew existing HDFC ERGO General Insurance policy, entering one’s policy number and other details etc.The payment is made online. Once payment is made, an intimation is sent to the payer’s registered email ID and phone number.

Another way to renew is to call on the customer care centre. The service representative will do a guided walkthrough of the insurance renewal process. They may send a link by SMS to the phone or email ID. Clicking this link should navigate to the insurance renewal page.

Visiting the nearest HDFC ERGO branch is another way – this process is based on personal communication and disclosure of insurance policy details to the insurance agent.

When it is time to renew an insurance policy, many insurance providers tend to contact. Some even provide a comparison of premium rates from different insurers. However, there is a trade-off.

Documents for HDFC ERGO Insurance Renewal

HDFC ERGO Online Renewal requires no documents for renewal if the renewal is made within the tenure of the current insurance policy. If the current insurance policy lapses, then an inspection will be required, or the process of obtaining a fresh insurance policy is activated, the only difference is that the policyholder may keep their policy number intact.

The HDFC ERGO General Insurance portal allows users to re-verify their details that include the re-verification of motor insurance policy as well as any other type of policy. The process is simple.

  • After providing the policy owner’s policy no, mobile number or email ID, the system then prompts the user to upload the scanned or soft copies of their current policy documents.
  • They receive an intimation from the portal that their documents have been received.
  • The uploaded documents are re-verified by a re-verification team, and the policyholder is communicated the HDFC ERGO Claim Status via phone and email.

The same process applies if a policyholder wants to effect a change in their policy details.

If a policy has lapsed, it is better to take a new one from HDFC General Insurance. The process is online-based. Following are the steps:

  • Visit the insurer website, navigates to the insurance section, such as health insurance, motor insurance, etc.
  • After selecting the appropriate type of insurance, the next step is to determine the insurance premium. If it is health insurance, then the webpage requires details about the individual, family, floaters, insurance coverage required. If it is a motor vehicle insurance, then the user enters their motor vehicle’s complete details that include making, model, year of manufacture, etc.
  • The next step is to fill personal details, correspondence addresses, history of illnesses, etc. A link is sent; clicking the link navigates the user to a payments page.
  • After payment is made, the soft copy is mailed to the user. The hard copy is posted and arrives in a week time.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Claim Process

The process of claiming insurance from HDFC ERGO General Insurance is more or less the same. If an event happens that qualifies for an insurance claim, the first step is to call HDFC ERGO’s toll-free number - 18002700700. A service representative will attend the call. The service representative will provide detailed guidance on the procedures to be performed to realize the claim and the documents that are required for the same. An HDFC ERGO Claim Form is forwarded to the claimant – it is an online claim form. The claimant completes the claim form, furnishes all details correctly, attaches the relevant documents, and submits the Form. The documents attached to the claim form must indicate the losses or expenses incurred by the claimant.

Depending on the nature of the claim, more documents may need to be furnished from HDFC General Insurance.

Documents Required for Claim

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • ID card photocopies
  • Medical certificate from a qualified MD/MS doctor
  • Investigation, diagnostic reports
  • Hospital discharge receipt
  • Bills/receipt copy

All claims are processed, and if valid, payment is deposited to the policyholder’s bank account that was registered with HDFC ERGO. If, for any reason, the claim was rejected, the reasons for rejection are communicated too. Reasons for rejection of the claim can also be discussed with the customer service representative of HDFC ERGO after calling them on the toll-free number. After making a claim, one can track their claim on the HDFC ERGO portal.

HDFC Ergo Premium Payment Process

In order to enjoy the policy benefits to its fullest, the policyholder must have to pay the premiums on time. The same goes while buying the policy. One payment of a premium only, the policy is handed over. So, HDFC ERGO premium payment can be ensured either online or offline.

One can also pay the premiums through All that required is to visit the If someone is buying a policy then click on “Get Free Quotes” and provide the necessary information as per asked. A list of policies will be appeared as per the requirement, along with their premiums. The basis on his/her insurance needs, one can also calculate or compare the premiums.

In the final step, the policy premiums are to be paid only, following a secured payment gateway with pasawiki.

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Awards and Achievements

The various recognitions or awards received by the insurance provider signify the passion and willingness towards its services. Some of the awards received by the Liberty General Insurance are:

  • ICAI Awards for 2015-16 – This award was given for financial reporting excellence for the year 2015-2016, presented by ICAI.
  • SKOCH Order-of-Merit- HDFC ERGO’s Claim Survey Management, was conferred “SKOCH Order-of-Merit” at the 46th Skoch Summit.
  • Best Customer Experience Award- Conferred for company’s efforts in delivering customer and service experience.
  • iAAA rating- ICRA accorded the rating on HDFC ERGO General Insurance for their highest claim processing and payment capability. HDFC Online Insurance is also known for its fast turnaround times.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 05 November 2020

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