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Get <strong>₹5 Lac</strong> Health Insurance starts <strong>@ ₹300/<span>month*</span></strong>
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
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₹ 5 Lakh Coverage @ ₹ 10/day
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Health Insurance for Diabetics

With a surge in lifestyle diseases, having health insurance covering these illness has always been a need. One such disease that takes a toll on people’s health is Diabetes. Diabetes is a state of health condition, when the level of glucose in the blood goes up. Blood glucose is the main source of energy that comes from the food we eat. Insulin, a hormone in our body that takes the glucose from food and transfer then into cells to be used as energy. When the body becomes unable to produce insulin naturally, it causes diabetes.

Health insurance for Diabetics is not a new buzzword as it has been covered since long from now. The probability of getting hospitalized due to this silent killer is quite higher for diabetic patients, especially as they age.

However, initially, health insurance providers didn’t offer coverage for illnesses like diabetes. With the growth in the health insurance sector, they have started introducing unique health insurance plans covering diabetes. Today, there are several health insurers introducing comprehensive diabetes plans with enthralling benefits. 

What is the Diabetes Insurance Plan?

India has many a time been called the 'Diabetes Capital of the World’. As per Bajaj Allianz data, Diabetes-related claims have increased 120% between the year 2016-2019. The sharpest turn is the age bracket of 20-30 years where the rise in the claim is 164%. 

In order to curb the diabetes-related complications, diabetes insurance plan is essential. As we already have mentioned that medical expenses of treating an illness like this are higher, with health insurance dedicated to diabetes the hospitalization expense incurred can be covered. 

However, the irony is that only a handful of insurers have offered insurance specifically to help fight this disease. Moreover, many of these policies come with a higher insurance premium. These plans are designed keeping the various types in mind, hence, diabetes of a severe type attracts higher insurance premium.

List of Diabetes Insurance Plan

It is observed a person with diabetes is tend to spend around Rs 3000-4000 a month towards medicines, test and all. Considering the stats, dealing with its financial impact is equally important. Here comes Diabetes Health Insurance that mitigates those expenses a bit. In line with this, below are some health insurance plans that cover Diabetes.

  • National Insurance Varishtha Mediclaim

    While considering pre-existing cover after a waiting period of 12 months, National Varistha Mediclaim is especially designed for the senior people in India. Starting from covering in-patient expense to domiciliary expenses, this policy can be a good-to-go option for senior citizens. Some of the policy benefits include:

    • The policy offers hospitalisation and domiciliary expense up to a sum insured Rs 1 lakh.
    • Free health check-up facility is offered after completion of 3 policy years up to a sum insured of 2%.
    • The policy comes with a lifelong renewability benefit.
    • Pre-policy health check-up is required. 

    Policy Eligibility:

    Minimum Age

    60 years


    Maximum Age

    80 years

    Waiting Period

    1 year

    Sum Insured

    1 lakh, Optional 2 lakh for critical illness cover

  • Religare Care Freedom

    Religare Care helps individuals to win their battle against diabetes. The policy can be utilised in 3 sum insured options under Pal 1 and Plan 2, which can be bought as individual and floater basis. A 2 years waiting period has to be served for covering Diabetes. Some of the policy benefits and features are as follows:

    • The policy covers the insured for cashless or reimbursement hospitalisation including in-patient expenses, pre and post-hospitalisation expense etc.
    • Day care treatment cost is covered.
    • Ambulance expense cover in case of an emergency.
    • Annual health-check up for blood sugar.
    • 10% co-payment applicable following the insured person attaining the age of 70 years

    Policy Eligibility

    Minimum Age

    18 years

    Child-90 days

    Maximum Age


    Waiting Period

    2 years

    Sum Insured

    3 lakh, 5 lakh, 7 lakh and 10 lakh

  • Star Diabetes Safe Plan

    Star Diabetes Safe Plan is designed for the people who are diabetes with both Type 1 and Type 2. The policy bears the medical costs incurred towards a hospitalization due to a complicacy arising out of diabetes. Some of the salient features of this policy include:

    • This is a 1-year policy with lifelong renewability benefit.
    • Availed as Plan A and Plan B, the policy covers hospitalization expenses such as room rent, surgeon’s expenses, medicine cost etc.
    • While Plan A comes with no waiting period, Plan B comes with a waiting period of 12 months.
    • OPD cover is offered.
    • The policy also covers hospitalisation expenses arising out of an accident or non-diabetes, subject to a waiting period of 30 days.
    • The policy can be availed as individual and floater basis.

    Policy Eligibility

    Minimum Age

    18 years

    Maximum Age

    65 years


    Self and Spouse with either of the person is having Diabetes

    Sum Insured

    3 lakh, 4 lakh, 5 lakh and 10 lakh 

  • Star Health Optima Family Plan

    Star Health Optima plan is one of the most sought after plans in the health insurance segment that covers diabetes under its pre-existing illness clause. However, the insurer requires the policyholder to serve a waiting period of 48 months to avail a claim for hospitalization due to diabetes. Some of the features of this policy are:

    • It is a super saver policy loaded with benefits such as single sum insured, full coverage for family, tax benefits etc.
    • The sum insured options are available from Rs 1 lakh to 25 lakh.
    • The policy pays for air ambulance expenses up to 10% of the sum insured. However, this is available only for SI Rs 5 lakh or above policy.
    • Pre hospitalization expense covered for 60 days, while post-hospitalisation expense covered for 90 days.
    • All day care procedures are covered.
    • 4 years waiting period has to be served for covering diabetes. 

    Policy Eligibility

    Minimum Age

    18 years


    Maximum Age

    65 years

    Waiting Period

    4 year

    Sum Insured

    1 lakh- 25 lakh

Diabetes Vs Regular Plan - Comparison

The harsh fact is that diabetes insurance plans are expensive. So, anyone who is diabetes should keep this in mind that a vanilla-insurance policy either deny to cover the person or may come with premium loading. So, if you and your family are covered by your employer’s policy, then you can avail the coverage from day 1 even for diabetes. However, it is a matter of a waiting period that has to be served in case of a regular health insurance plan, which can be availed at a way lesser premium than a diabetes-specific insurance plan.  Let’s consider the below comparison table to get a fair image-  

Regular Covers



Yearly Premium (40 yr old)

Yearly Premium (60 yr old)

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance)

Care Health Care

Rs 6,871

Rs 18,498

Star Health Insurance

Medi Classic & Senior Citizen Red Carpet

Rs 7,251

Rs 21,240

Diabetes-specific Covers

Star Health Insurance

Diabetes Safe Plan A and Senior Citizen Red Carpet

Rs 13, 676

Rs 21,240

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance)

Care Health Care Freedom with Health Check-up

Rs 12, 036

Rs 23, 732

See More Plans

Considering the above comparison, let’s say if a 40-year old individual selects the Star Diabetes Safe plan, he/she has to pay a premium that is around 89% higher than a regular plan. However, a regular plan will consider the situation without a premium loading, only after a proper medical test confirming diabetes under control.

Features and Benefits of Diabetes Insurance Plan

Some of the common features and benefits of this plan are mentioned below:

  • Every insurer offering diabetes plans comes with a different sum insured for covering hospitalisation expenses arising out of a complication of diabetes.
  • Regular health insurance policies covering diabetes or other pre-existing illnesses always come with a waiting period of 2-4 years.
  • Diabetes-specific plans such as Star Diabetes Safe plan also extends coverage to the family.
  • These policies cover pre and post hospitalisation cover as well along with the in-patient or domiciliary expense cover.
  • The minimum eligibility starts from 18 years to a maximum of 65 years, depending on the plan. Some insurers come with no upper age limit as well.

How to Buy Health Insurance for Diabetics?

Like any other health insurance plan, diabetes insurance can be bought online or offline, as per the preference of the buyers. At the time of buying such a plan the insurer may ask you for the history of the ailment, type and other related things before issuing the plan.

Online Buying Steps

  • Visit the official website of the insurer and navigate through the health insurance plans available
  • Select a plan and have a quick look at the features
  • Get the one that meets all the requirements
  • Calculate the premium online and pay it through a secured online payment gateway
  • Get the policy issued instantly
  • If not, one can go to the online calculators available on various insurance aggregator websites to get quotes from the insurers

Offline Buying Steps

  • Visit an insurer’s office and approach an insurance officer
  • Get the idea of the plan and complete the formalities by filling the application form and paying the premiums through cheque. 

Documents Required to Buy Diabetes Insurance Plan in India

The common documents required for buying a health insurance plan for diabetics are:

  • Age Proof
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof
  • Health test report, if required

Factors to Consider While Buying Health Insurance for Diabetics

  • Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR): It is the proportion of the absolute number of cases settled by the insurance organization out of the total number of claims registered in a financial year. Higher the CSR, the better it is for the insured.
  • List of Network Hospitals: Network hospitals are the hospitals which have tiea-ups with the insurer where the insured can avail cashless hospitalization. Choosing an insurer with an extensive network hospital list is a wise idea.
  • Waiting Period Clause: During a waiting period, a particular claim is not entertained by the insurer. Regular health insurance covering diabetes come with a waiting period to serve, before which no claim will be paid. Consider those plans that have a lesser waiting period.
  • Cost of Premiums: It is prudent to analyse the premium offered under a diabetes health insurance plan. As we already know that diabetes plans are quite expensive than the regular health insurance plans, it is always advised to have a clear check on the premium and go for the one that suits the pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 24 March 2021

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