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Get <strong>₹5 Lac</strong> Health Insurance starts <strong>@ ₹300/<span>month*</span></strong>
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
250+ Plans 18 Insurance Companies
₹ 5 Lakh Coverage @ ₹ 10/day
7 Lakh+ Happy Customers

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

What are Covid-19 Insurance Plans Offered during Coronavirus Outbreak?

The COVID-19 pandemic has put several people in need of medical attention across India. The costs for testing and hospitalisation are very high since the treatment of the disease remains unknown as of now. To reduce expenses on people, the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has asked health insurance companies to either make provisions in their existing plan to provide coverage against hospitalisation charges and other costs due to COVID-19 or create new plans for the Novel Coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

Coronavirus Health Insurance is an insurance policy that covers medical expenses incurred due to Coronavirus treatment. The policy is designed to cover for in-patient hospitalisation expenses as well as out-patient expenses. The Coronavirus health insurance policy will be available from the day the person is detected with the virus. COVID-19 is a new disease, so it doesn't come under pre-existing illness.

Some of the Popular Coronavirus Health Insurance Plans Explained

No doubt almost all standalone and general health insurer are offering Covid-19 cover after IRDAI’s appeal, the below are some of the well-known health insurance coverage in this regard, you can consider.

Digit Health Insurance

Digit Health Insurance, an online insurance service provider, has Coronavirus Insurance Policy that can be bought from its website or its partner programs. The details of the Digit Healthcare Plus Policy are as follows:


  • Policy duration: 1 year
  • Maximum age of Entry: 60 years
  • Minimum Sum Insured: Rs 25,000
  • Maximum Sum Insured: Rs.2 lakh in multiples of Rs 25,000
  • Premium starts at Rs 299 only
  • Initial waiting period: 15 days
  • Travel history to certain countries since 1st December 2019 will not be considered eligible


  • It is a fixed-benefit Coronavirus-specific individual health insurance policy
  • Sum Assured:
    • A 100% sum insured is paid if the policyholder is tested positive for coronavirus
    • A 50% sum insured is paid for quarantine in a military hospital or government even if tested negative
  • Multiple individuals can be added in one plan with a premium on a per person basis and sum insured in multiples of Rs 25,000 

Edelweiss General Insurance

Edelweiss General Insurance provides hospitalisation coverage for Coronavirus cases under existing health insurance policies. The details are as given below: 


  • Policy Term: 1 year
  • Waiting Period: No 30-days waiting period for covering Covid-19
  • Sum Insured: Rs 5 lakh to 1 cr
  • Members covered: up to 5 members including children


  • Quarantine related expenses are covered at a government-approved facility
  • Cashless hospitalisation is available in approved networks of hospitals
  • Coverage for other treatments for COVID-19 under AYUSH is provided
  • Treatments are done at home if the person insured is unable to access hospital facilities are covered under domiciliary hospitalisation benefit
  • Reimbursement claim needs to be submitted within 7 days of discharge
  • Other expenses for up to 7 days of hospital stay is provided
  • You will be covered even if you have travelled overseas recently 

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance)

The products from Religare that cover treatment of Coronavirus are:

  • Care POS
  • Care Global
  • Care Senior
  • Care Freedom
  • Care Global
  • Care Heart
  • Enhance
  • Joy

The plans provide coronavirus hospitalisation coverage with customized group products and an IPD benefit. Other travel insurance products such as Student Explore Plan also provide insurance coverage for coronavirus hospitalisation.


  • Policy period: 1 year
  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Sum Insured: Up to 6 cr.


  • Cashless facilities at government registered hospitals
  • Reimbursement facilities
  • Hospitalisation, ICU charges and quarantine expenses at government-approved facilities
  • Quarantine expenses will be paid even if test results come negative if done at government-approved facilities 

Star Novel Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy

Star Novel Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy is a health insurance policy issued by Star Health Insurance. It is for those individuals who have been infected and diagnosed with COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus, which requires hospitalisation. The test report of a positive diagnosis and hospitalization should be from a centre authorized by the government of India to be eligible for the claim.


  • Minimum Sum Insured: Rs 21,000 on an individual basis
  • Maximum Sum Insured: Rs 42,000 on an individual basis
  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Maximum Age: 65 years
  • Premium with tax:
    • Monthly premium of Rs 542 for Rs 21,000 sum insured
    • Monthly premium of Rs 1083 for Rs 42,000 sum insured
  • Waiting period: 16 days


  • Pre-acceptance medical screening not required
  • Payment: 100% lump-sum of the sum insured
  • Dependents are covered: Children between 3 months and 25 years along with one parent. 

Coronavirus Health Insurance v/s Regular Health Insurance Plan

Though it is offered as a health insurance policy, a coronavirus health insurance policy slightly differs from a standalone health insurance policy.


Coronavirus Plans

Regular Health Plan



Expenses Covered

It provides coverage for hospitalisation and treatment of COVID-19 only if the insured is tested positive for the virus.

It covers all hospitalization expenses, including hospitalisation for accidents and critical illness.



Coronavirus plans are not renewable as they have the policy tenure of one year.

Standard health insurance plans are renewable yearly.



Additional Sum Insured

Coronavirus plans don't come with the benefit of an additional sum insured sum

Standard health insurance plans have the additional assured sum for hospitalization and treatment that follow.

How to Buy the Coronavirus Health Insurance Plan?

For buying the Coronavirus Health Insurance policy, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the insurance company you wish to get the insurance from and choose the plan you want to buy. Click on 'Buy Now'.
  • Step 2: Enter the details required which include the name, email address, mobile number, and age. Then, click on 'proceed'
  • Step 3: On the next page, select the sum insured.
  • Step 4: You may either choose to compare with other protection plans or click 'buy a plan' to get the one selected.
  • Step 5: Every policy provider website has an in-built premium calculator. Once you are clear with the premium to be paid, click 'proceed'.
  • Step 6: Choose additional covers for extra protection. Premium gets added automatically on selection. Click 'Proceed Selection'.
  • Step 7: Add policyholders and nominee details. Some policyholders may ask for travel details and pre-existing illness.
  • Step 8: Add bank details
  • Step 9: Agree to a specific declaration
  • Step 10: Select 'I agree to the above declaration' to proceed.
  • Step 11: Select 'send OTP' to the registered mobile number.
  • Step 12: Enter OTP and proceed with payment.

Once the payment has been done, you will receive the policy document on your email address.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 24 March 2021

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