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Bharti AXA Health Insurance
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Bharti AXA Health Insurance

Bharti AXA health insurance is one of the most reputed and trusted insurance companies to provide comprehensive health coverage. Resulting from a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, a renowned business group based out in India and AXA, a globally acknowledged finance and wealth protection management firm, Bharti AXA general insurance company was created.

Commencing its operations in 2008, the insurer strives for offering customer-friendly insurance products at a pocket-friendly price. Bharti AXA health insurance is among one of the most sought-after product in the market that offers comprehensive coverage to its users.

What’s Bharti AXA Health Insurance?

Bharti AXA health insurance plans are designed carefully to meet the needs of individuals from every genre. On getting insured, policyholders enjoy the benefits of availing cashless treatment with numerous hospitals.

The plan also makes room for several different add-ons that cover critical illnesses, different types of genetic disorders, maternity expenses, and more. The plan can be customized based on individual preferences, making it all the more beneficial to policyholders.

Why Should You Choose Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plan?

With health plans that provide coverage up to Rs 1 cr. policy seekers can be assured that they are making the right investment when they opt for Bharti AXA's insurance plans. These comprehensive plans are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of the customers, and the foundation for it set after carefully considering aspects like lifestyle habits and purchasing power.

A few core reason that makes plans available under Bharti AXA General Insurance Company trustworthy are:

  • High Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio refers to the company's ability to settle claims when the proposal is put. In that perspective, insurance plans devised by Bharti AXA comes with a high claim settlement ratio of 98.27%. Not only does the percentage figure puts the company ahead of the race, but it also ensures policyholders will receive claims they are entitled to.

  • High Sum Insured

Not many insurers make room to provide a coverage amount that soars up to Rs 1cr. However, plans under Bharti AXA General Insurance company promises comprehensive coverage that's best in the market and something that will ensure your family faces so such thing as a financial burden.

  • Network Hospital

Cashless hospitalization is one of the most preferred benefits for policy seekers when it comes to buying a health insurance plan. Bharti AXA health insurance plan provides a massive cover for cashless hospitalization with a PAN India network hospital list. Not only will the policyholder have the option to choose the hospital of his choice but will also receive the best hospital service.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Key Highlights



Chain of hospitals


Claim settlement ratio


Total number of claims settled

18 lac+

Total number of policy issued

1.3 million




152 across India

Types of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans

Everyone from individuals to families and even senior citizens can avail health insurance plans from Bharti AXA general insurance company. Over the years, the company has been in the limelight for circulating two significant plans: AXA Smart Super Health Insurance and the Smart Health Assure. However, here's a breakdown of each health plan available for policyholders to get insured with Bharti AXA health insurance.

  1. Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Plan

The Bharti AXA Smart Health Assure Plan places crucial emphasis on providing reliable coverage relating to emergency hospitalization and medical bills. It is an absolute go-to plan for individuals looking forward to a coverage amount ranging up to 4 lac rupees. The plan includes a wide range of special benefits such as free health check-ups, renewal discounts, no claim bonus, and more.








91 days

65 yrs




Benefits of the Smart Health Assure Plan

  • The policy makes room to provide complete coverage of expenses during the pre and post phases of hospitalization, ranging from 60 to 90 days respectively.
  • The policyholder is liable to receive a 100% restoration of the coverage amount.
  • 130 daycare procedures are included where the policyholder can claim for the expenses incurred.
  • The plan provides complete cover for ambulance expenses, annual health checkups, critical illnesses, Ayush treatment, and cover for an organ donor.
  • Policyholders can avail coverage for maternity expenses.
  • The policy stands renewable for a lifetime.
  1. Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

The Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan is an extensive plan that covers a range of medical expenses. The plan is bifurcated into three variants, which are Classic, Uber, and Value plan. Here's the complete breakdown of the policy.








91 days

65 yrs




Benefits of the Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

  • In-patient medical expenses incurred on diagnostic tests, surgical equipment, operational theatre, medical practitioner fee, and ICU charges are covered for the policyholder.
  • Medical room rent allowance is covered with the maximum limit being at par with the sum insured.
  • 100% of coverage amount restoration is provided.
  • Hospitalization expenses during both pre and post phases are covered for 60 days and 90 days respectively.
  • Ayush treatment up to a defined limit is covered.
  • Additional options to buy maternity and the newborn cover is included in this plan.
  • A range of critical illnesses such as cancer to kidney failure or heart attack is covered under this plan. 

The Smart Super Plan is to be availed as the Classic, Value an Uber plan with a range of sum insured options.

Features and Benefits of the Bharti AXA Health Insurance

Bharti AXA General Insurance company is one of a kind when it comes to offering health insurance plans. The firm clocked a record by achieving two prestigious certifications at the international level within a year from commencing operations.

Everything from on-point customer relationship, simple claim process, to quality, Bharti AXA General Insurance not only tops the list, but it is also ranked as one of the most preferred insurance brands. Here are some major features and benefits that policy seekers can enjoy when opting for Bharti AXA General Insurance: 

  • Hospitalization Expenses: The insured is entitled to receive complete reimbursement incurred 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days in the post-hospitalization period.
  • Room Rent Expenses: Under certain plans of Bharti AXA, there is no cap or limit placed when it comes to reimbursement of rent expenses incurred during the stay at the hospital. With no maximum limit, policyholders can opt to check-in with some of the best hospitals without worrying much about paying a heft rent charge. 
  • Extensive Sum Insured Option: Bharti AXA health insurance comes with an extensive range of sum insured options from Rs 3 lakh to 1 cr, depending on the plan chosen.
  • Renewability: Bharti AXA health insurance renewal comes with lifelong renewability, which plays the role of putting the policyholder on the safe side.
  • Coverage for Pre-existing Illness: Bharti AXA health plans provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses after a tenure of 4 years of the policy term. It makes it easy for policyholders with pre-existing illnesses, but it also bears the risk of the claims that come with it, making this more favorable for the customers.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization: Bharti AXA medical insurance covers domiciliary hospitalization under the circumstances where the treatment and care for the patient are done at home. The expenses are covered for three days or more, resulting from illnesses, injury, or disease.
  • Tax Benefits: According to the Indian Income Tax Act 1961, policyholders holding health under Bharti AXA General Insurance company will be entitled to tax exemptions up to a total of Rs 55,000. With the right record, the premium paid on the plan will avail of these tax benefits for the policyholders.
  • Health Check-up: Regarding health check-ups, Bharti AXA health policy is certainly one of the best options to opt for. With a large network hospital comprising more than 4500+ daycare units across the country, the policyholder can enjoy endless options to get check-ups with some of the top-notch network hospitals.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plan 

With Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plan being so extensive, it can be complicated to understand the exact factors that are considered as inclusions and exclusion. Here is a detailed list that outlines both inclusion and exclusion under the plan.

Inclusions of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plan

The policy covers the following expenses under its list of inclusions:

  • Complicated health conditions such as eye surgery, lithotripsy, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other critical illnesses that do not require hospitalization beyond 24 hours are included.

  • Treatment of injuries or diseases that need domiciliary hospitalization means medical intervention and home rest exceeding for more than 3 days is included.

  • Expenses incurred for Bacteria meningitis, Motor neuron disease, Primary pulmonary hypertension, terminal illness, first heart attack etc. are covered.

  • The policy provides coverage for day care procedures.

  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses are covered.

Exclusions of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plan

Policy exclusions are as mentioned below:

  • Medical expenses incurred as a result of a disease contracted within the first 30 days of the issuance of the policy are excluded. However, this clause stands ineffective in case of an accidental claim.
  • Pre-existing illnesses are covered only after a waiting period of 48 months.
  • Any claim under critical illness within the first 30 days of the policy is not covered.
  • Naturopathy treatments are excluded.
  • Treatment received outside India is excluded.

*For the complete list of exclusion, kindly refer to the policy document

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Claim Process

Bharti AXA Health insurance can be claimed as cashless and reimbursement claim.

Cashless Claim

  • The policyholder can approach a network hospital by showing a Bhari AXA Health ID card
  • For seeking cashless services, a cashless claim request form has to be filled and signed by the hospital authority and the insured and submit to the TPA.
  • The TPA will further send the request form to the insurer, upon which the insurer conveys its decision within a stipulated time.
  • If the insurer agrees on the request, the policyholder can avail cashless services and the hospital bills will be settled directly with the hospital authority.

Reimbursement Claim

  • In case of a reimbursement claim, the insured avails healthcare services at a non-network hospital, pay the bills initially and register a claim later. Here are the steps to claim the policy under a reimbursement clause:
  • Pay the medical bills on your own.
  • Get the medical bills in original including medical reports.
  • Fill the claim form and submit along with the required documents to Bharti AXA.
  • Upon receiving, the insurer will verify the claim along with the documents. The claimed amount will be settled and send via NEFT.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Renewal

Bharti AXA health insurance can be renewed by visiting the official website of the insurer. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the insurer’s website
  • Click on the ‘Renew’ option on the Home Page
  • Select ‘Health Insurance’
  • Enter the Bharti AXA policy number and other details in the given boxes and click on continue.
  • The premium to be paid will be reflected on the screen.
  • If the premiums are feasible, pay it using a credit or debit card. 

Bharti AXA Health Premium Calculator 

Bharti AXA's premium calculator provides policy seekers to understand insurance plans that will better suit them based on the budget and coverage amount they are looking for. The premium calculator considers many factors when it comes to providing suggestions to the policy seekers about choosing the right plan. Not only will the customer get an idea in advance about how much premium they'll have to pay annually, but it also helps them get a clear picture of the financial back up they'll be building over time.

Policy seekers are required to do the following to understand the premium amount via Bharti AXA's calculator.

  • Visit Bharti AXA General Insurance company's website.
  • Select the health insurance plan under the product option.
  • Select how many members the policy seeker wants to be insured under the plan.
  • Provide details related to the date of birth.
  • Provide personal details such as name, email ID, and contact number.
  • Age details of all the family members who the policy seeker intends to insure.
  • The policy seeker, after entering the requested details, can press the calculate the premium amount payable for different plans.

Accordingly, policy seekers can compare, analyze, and opt to buy the right health insurance plans that suit their needs. The premium calculator helps policy seekers understand the best plan from the comfort of their home, but it also drives customers to make a more informed buying decision.

How to Buy Bharti AXA Insurance Plan?

Policy seekers have a range of different channels when it comes to buying a policy plan with Bharti AXA General Insurance company. Here are a few quick ways to buy Bharti AXA's health plan. 

  • Instant Customer Care

If you, as a policy seeker, are ready to buy any plan that falls under your budget without assessing much about the details, then getting in touch with the sales department of the company is the quickest way to buy health plans. Policy seekers can call Bharti AXA's customer care at +91-1800-103-2292 and buy a policy plan right away. In case if you have any queries about the plan, then you can get it all figured out first hard from the company's sales representative instantly. 

  • Visit the Website

Policy seekers can opt to buy Bharti AXA's health insurance plan online without any hassles with everything available on the internet. Customers can visit the official Bharti AXA General Insurance company's official website, opt for the product they like, file a buying quotation by filling in all the details and expect the sales team to get in touch with you within a period of 24hrs. 

  • Through Phone

If browsing online and buying a plan on the internet is just not one’s thing, then policy seekers can choose to send a message to 5667700. The customer care support team will get in touch with them.

  • Offline

If none of those mentioned above channels suit your preferences, then you can choose to do it the traditional way. You can visit one of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company branches that's in your vicinity and manually inquire policy details and accordingly proceed to buy a policy with everything being visible and happening right in front of you.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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