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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator
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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator

The HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator is a computational tool predominantly used to calculate the premiums payable for different HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers various types of insurance. The Company came into being in the year 2002. It spans across about 113 cities, operated through 127 branches. 

Why Do You Need HDFC Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator is an all-inclusive health insurance premium calculator that calculates the premium amount the policyholder is obliged to pay once he opts for an insurance policy. It facilitates an adequate health coverage plan suited to the financial needs of an individual by calculating the appropriate amount of premium that has to be paid and helps in planning his/her future accordingly. HDFC’s premium calculator is also a time-saving instrument as it processes the premium quotation online and only involves the policyholder entering the applicable policy details. It is cost-effective and also offers a comparison of various plans. 

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator saves you from guessing the premium amount and helps you save time otherwise wasted on pointless speculations and thereby helps you to choose the plan that you can afford. 

Details Required for HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Before one can proceed with the online calculation of the premium by using the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator, there are certain prerequisites that need to be addressed. The details required by the premium calculator are as follows:

  • Applicant’s age
  • Date of Birth, which is crucial for determining the policyholder’s age and the number of premiums that he/she has to pay
  • Details of the family members included in the plan
  • Plan name
  • Premium Frequency
  • Rider 
  • Sum Insured

These details are some of the crucial elements required to calculate the premium sum, and thus, these details should be entered in the online HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator for proper calculation. 

Factors Affecting the HDFC ERGO Health Premium Amount

The premium amount is the most important aspect that determines a health insurance policy’s financial feasibility from the policyholder’s point-of-view. HDFC provides an array of health insurance plans. Thus, buyers have a plethora of choices to choose from.

These factors are:

  • Applicant’s Age- This is one of the critical factors in deciding the premium amount. As it demonstrates how many more premiums have to be paid by the policyholder as well as his/her financial requirement. 
  • Policy Term: Short or elongated policy terms determine the premium amount and also help to spread it equitably over the policy period.
  • Medical History: A medical history factors pre-existing illnesses. As a result, policyholders need to pay the higher premium simply because they have higher chances of raising a claim under the insurance.
  • Coverage Details: The insured plus family members need to be determined and factored beforehand as this aspect compels the insured to adjust the premium as per the coverage provided.
  • Insured Sum: It is the underlying factor as it runs on a simple principle. Higher the insured sum, higher the premium one has to pay.
  • Policy Type: As per the HDFC ERGO guidelines, different policies have different payable premium amounts.

Steps to Use HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium Calculator

To calculate the premium online using the Health Insurance Premium calculator, one needs to have the necessary information on the chosen policy. Moreover, the premium calculation can be done easily through The steps to use the online premium calculator with paisawiki are as follows:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of
  • Select the plan from the offered list and then click on ‘Calculate the Premium’
  • Once the option is clicked, the detail page will be shown where the inputs are needed.
  • Necessary information like sum insured, date of birth, contact details is to be inserted.
  • A list of plans will appear. Click on ‘Calculate the premium details’.
  • Finally, the near speculated term will be calculated for the aspiring buyer. 

Important Aspects

To avoid discrepancies while calculating the premium, one needs to take care of the following points while entering the information online.

  • One needs to provide exact information while entering the details, so that approximation or incorrect details can be avoided.
  • To have the comparable insured sum amount, one needs to add different parameters so that the premium amount of the near value can be calculated.
  • The computed value offered by the premium calculator is approximate as the original cost can be calculated only after the risk factors are included.

Advantages of Using the Premium Calculator

The numerous benefits of using a premium calculator are:

  • The HDFC ERGO Health Premium Calculator is a comprehensive financial planning instrument that allows a potential buyer to select the health insurance plan as per his/her feasibility. At the same time, it determines the payable premium amount before one goes on to buy the health insurance policy.
  • HDFC offers a list of health insurance plans, which makes this premium calculator also act as a comprehensive comparison parameter, which estimates the amount and informs the buyer on the same. On the other hand, it gives certainty whether he should go for it or not.
  • With the premium calculator, one would know whether an add-on rider can be accumulated or eliminated as per the policy plan.
  • This can also help the would-be buyer, to customize the policy plan as per his suitability and add the riders or eliminate them, as he feels.


  • Q. What is the coverage span of the HDFC ERGO general health insurance?

    Ans: It covers both cashless as well as the reimbursement claims. The cashless payments are directly settled in the hospital’s invoicing, and it includes more than 10,000 hospitals in this domain in the hospital network of the insurance company. 

    If the hospital is a non-network medical institution, then the amount is directly reimbursed to the hospital once the billing process is initiated.

  • Q. What is the maximum age to while the health insurance policy can opt?

    Ans: There is no maximum age to opt for the health insurance plan. The minimum age for which the health insurance policy can be opted for is 91 days.

  • Q. How to initiate the health insurance policy renewal from HDFC ERGO?

    Ans: The health insurance policy is subject to auto-renewal, in case the policyholder opts for the auto-debit option from the bank account at the time of purchasing the plan. One can also call the India-serviced Customer Care Number: 022-62346234/0120-62346234, which ensures the instant renewal of the health insurance policy of the customer.

  • Q. How should one pay for the health insurance premium?

    Ans: HDFC ERGO Health Insurance accepts the premium in the given three modes:

    • Auto-deduction from the bank account.
    • In the form of cash and cheque deposit.
    • Via Online payments.
Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 12 February 2021

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