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ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy
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ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

Regarding international health care benefits, ManipalCignaHealth Insurance has tailored policies according to what an organization or its member needs. ManipalCigna Global Health Group plan is one such policy that offers comprehensive health and wellness programs with optional covers designed to fit the requirements of the Non-Employer Employee segment, Employer-Employee, Spouse, Parent, and Dependent Children.

What’s ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy?

The best part of this policy is that it covers the working population, whether working in their country or in foreign countries under a single base. Over 1 million service providers are catering to the needs and insurance issues of these employees and their dependents across the globe. The corporates bought this policy as a group policy to cover all their employees and immediate dependents.

It is a type of policy that permits an employer to extend the advantages of a health insurance policy to all its employees, whether they are Indians or expatriates. The plan covers inpatient and outpatient medical advantages, hospitalization, and daycare benefits. The plan's unique selling point is that it provides global coverage that allows corporates to cover their employees even while they are traveling and even for pregnancy and newborn baby-related medical issues.

Features of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

Some of the key features of this ManipalCigna health insurance policy are:

Eligibility Age

Minimum Entry age – 18 years and maximum age of the insured – 95 years

Basis of the policy

Individual basis – covers only the employee and his family members (dependents)

Premium to be paid

Premium Calculation is done on the following factors:

• Zone and the city

• The company taking the group insurance

• Group size

• At the discretion of the insurance company


Policy Term

1 year


Coverage of children – Day 1 to age 25

Employees and dependents are covered under this plan


In accordance with the age limits, it can be renewable every year.

Sum Insured

Minimum Sum Insured – Rs 50 lakh

Maximum Sum Insured – Rs10 crore

Medical screening

Not required up to 65 years of age

Deductible options

Following Options are available:

• 1st Option – Rs 15000

• 2nd Option – Rs30000

• 3rd Option – Rs 60000


After having a continuous coverage policy with ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy for one year, the policy can be ported to another insurer after submitting an application at least 45 days prior to the


Not applicable in case of optional benefits. Otherwise, a co-payment of 20% is allowed, and the insurance company will be liable to pay only 80% of the medical expense amount.


Benefits of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

The policy offers the following benefits:

  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Outpatient benefits
  • Daycare benefits
  • AIDS/HIV and Out of boundary emergency Medical expense cover
  • Worldwide medical emergency services
  • Maternity Cover and New-born Benefits
  • Vision and Dental Treatment
  • Psychological and Psychiatric Care
  • Wellness and Health Benefits
  • Limitation to pocket expenses of the insured
  • Covers special services like Emergency Evacuation, Hospice, Travel vaccination, palliative care, Complementary treatments, Cancer cover, Repatriation, etc.

Exclusions of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy

Things that are excluded from this ManipalCigna health insurance policy are:

  • HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted illness
  • Death attributed to self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • All pre-existing condition or disability which is a result of pre-existing diseases
  • Genetic and mental disorder
  • Illness or condition arising out of drug abuse, hazardous activities or any illegal activity
  • Foreign invasion, war, participation in any naval, military or air-force operations
  • Congenital diseases, defects or anomalies, or any related illness.

Eligibility Criteria to Purchase ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

The following eligibility criteria are to be met to buy this policy:

  • Only those employees and dependents who are nominated by the company or organization (should be a registered organization in India) will be covered under this plan.
  • The minimum age is 18 years, and the maximum age is 95 years.
  • Employees and dependents who are above 65 years of age are covered after special approval and underwriting as per the norms, terms, and conditions of the policy and the insurance company.
  • Although dependent parents are not eligible for coverage, dependent children from the age of 1-25 can be covered under the ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy.

Claim Process of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

The Claims can be of two types – Planned hospitalization or emergency hospitalization, where cashless or reimbursement claim can be filed.

  • Planned Hospitalisation– The insurance company must be informed at least 3 days prior to the admission of the policyholder into the hospitals. The insured or the nominee needs to provide certain details and documents at the time of claim, which is mentioned below.
  • Emergency Hospitalization: The insurance company must be informed either through a phone call or in written (email, letter, or direct information at the nearest branch) within 48 hours of the policyholder's hospitalization. Any claims that are registered after the discharge of the insured will not be taken into consideration.

Details to be provided and submitted at the time of claiming ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Plan are:

  • The insured must be ready with his policy number and health card in case he has that handy.
  • Name and complete details of the policyholder like his contact number, address, email id, etc.
  • Name and relation of the insured person on whose name the claim is being lodged.
  • The nature and type of the illness, ailment, or disease he is suffering and the reasons how he contracted it.
  • Name and address of the hospital and the professional medical team and practitioner who is treating the insured.
  • The exact date of admission of the insured into the hospital.
  • Any other necessary document that may be asked from the hospital or insurance company authorities at the time of hospitalization.
  • As soon as the discharge from the hospital is done, these documents should be submitted to the company within 90 days so that they are properly verified, investigated, and authorized not to delay the claim settlement and approval procedures.

Claim Documents

List of Documents to be provided to claim ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy in case of a medical contingency:

  • Claim form which needs to be duly filled and signed by the insured
  • The complete discharge summary from the hospital
  • Notes of the doctor and operation theatre note assigned and declared by the professional practitioners
  • The main and original bill received from the hospital
  • The immediate break-up and the details of each and every expense as mentioned in the bill
  • Original tests, investigation, and diagnostic reports like X Rays, MRI scan reports, CT scans, etc.
  • Doctor’s prescription and reference slips as asked by the insurance company in the same format for further investigation
  • All bills related to drugs, chemists, medicine, and pharmacy
  • MLC, FIR Report, or a post-mortem report if applicable in case of an accident, unusual mishap, or death

How to Purchase ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy?

There are two options which can be used to purchase a new plan or policy under ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance:

  • Contact the local branch or appoint a professional agent to cater to the purchasing needs who can diligently explain all products of the company, inclusions, and exclusions and get the agreement and contract process between the insurance company and the buyer.
  • The applicant also has the option to buy the policy online through an aggregator websites such as, wherein the applicant needs to fill out a proposal form and fill in all the relevant details like personal information, salary, and health-related information , attach important documents, read and accept the terms and conditions, make an online payment and have the policy processed. A soft copy of the policy will be immediately mailed to the applicant, and is covered immediately by ManipalCigna Health Insurance.

Renewal of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy

When the policy's tenure reaches its termination, the insured must get the policy renewed within 15 days of its expiry. 30 days grace period is provided to make the payment and renew the policy. In case the payment is not made within the grace period, the previous plan gets lapsed or canceled, and a fresh policy will have to be re-issued to the policyholder.

With 3 simple steps, ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy can be renewed with

Step 1 – The applicant needs to go online, and navigate through the official website of Paisawiki, then click on the ‘Renewal Tab’.

Step 2 – Then, he/she needs to mention the personal details like name, contact information, address, DOB, age, medical conditions, etc. and the policy number of the previous plan.

Step 3 – After filling all the details, the insured needs to make the online payment using his debit/credit card details or net banking details towards the policy's renewal. The policy will be renewed and processed, and an updated policy will be mailed to the policyholder immediately.


  • Q.What is the minimum count of eligible people to be a part of the ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy?

    Ans: These groups are recommended and authorized by the company they are working for. As per the regulations and norms of IRDAI, these group policies can be purchased for a minimum of 7 people to be covered in a group, but this number is subject to change at any point in time. Also, the second condition is that the sole purpose or ultimate goal of purchasing the policy should not be to purchase insurance, but it should also cater to other benefits the employees and the group can gain from the insurance plan.

  • Q.What is inclusive of inpatient hospitalization, and what kind of expenses are covered under it?

    Ans: Inpatient hospitalization and the expenses regarding the same are as follows:

    • Room charges
    • Charges for accommodation in ICU, CCU, HDU
    • Hospitalization and medical expenses
    • Costs regarding Operation theatre
    • Minor and Major Surgical Procedures
    • Daycare Treatment
    • AYUSH Treatment for In-patient Hospitalization (In India Only), including non-allopathic treatments like homeopathy, Ayurveda treatment, Unani, etc.
    • Medical Practitioner and doctor fees
    • Fees of Specialist, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Radiologist, Pathologist, Assistant Surgeon, Qualified Nurses, and miscellaneous Medication expenses
    • Cost of diagnostic tests like radiology, pathology tests, MRI and CT scans, X-rays, physiotherapy, diagnostics and drugs, consumables, blood, oxygen, etc.
    • Surgical appliance or any kind of Medical Appliance used.
  • Q.What are home nursing charges?

    Ans: If the specialist or medical practitioner recommends and prescribed the insured to avail services of a home nurse after the discharge from the hospital, then all expenses related to the cost of the availed services come under the home nursing charges. A qualified and professional nurse will be arranged from the hospital to visit the policyholder, and the insurance company will bear the expenses.

  • Q.What are the treatments that come under complementary services provided under the policy?

    Ans: Complementary medical services comprise the following:

    • Physiotherapy
    • Osteopathy
    • Acupuncture
    • Homeopathy and Ayurveda.
    • Acupressure
    • Chiropody and Chiropractic

    Coverage details can be referred to as specified in the policy schedule.

  • Q.Does this policy come with any kind of a bonus?

    Ans: There is no cumulative bonus or no claim bonus that can be availed under ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy.

  • Q.Can a member who was a part of the initial group be deleted or modified in the middle of a policy year, or is it possible to add a new member within the policy's tenure?

    Ans: Any person may be added to the existing policy by charging an additional premium on a pro-rata basis (in case of addition) and as authorized by the employer and approved by the insurance company.

    Any Insured person may be deleted if the employer requests so, and the refund of premium is again made on a pro-rata basis with the condition that no balance amount is pending regarding the policyholder or his dependents.

  • Q.Is Portability applicable under ManipalCigna Global Health Group insurance plan?

    Ans: If the insured changes his job and is no more an employee of the employer who bought the policy, he/she can port his insurance document to the other insurer if the person meets the following conditions:

    • If he/she is not a member of the corporate/ group anymore
    • Application of the same should be received at least 45 days prior to portability
    • It needs to be approved by the insurance company and the underwriting team
    • Following the legal formalities, the insurance policy can be ported to another insurer.
  • Q.Who all can be covered within ManipalCigna Global Health Group insurance policy?

    Ans: The group policy is available for

    • Employer-Employee
    • Non-Employer – Employee, e.g., Bank's saving A/c holders, students of educational institutes, Club Members).

    Covers Employee’s Dependent Partner or Spouse, Dependent Children, and Parents.

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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