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ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy
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ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance is essential these days, especially when travelling abroad. Unfortunate events like baggage loss, passport loss or unforeseen medical emergencies may occur while travelling. Travel insurance provides protection against these occurrences. It safeguards the financial situation of the policyholder and ensures that they can travel worry-free. One such travel insurance policy is ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy.

What is ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Plan?

ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy is an insurance plan that provides coverage against travel-related miss-happenings. This overseas travel insurance plan can be purchased for big family vacations, student groups, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) trips, overseas excursions, corporate groups and for other events in corporate companies or large organisations.

These group travel plans provide complete coverage for trip cancellation, emergency medical expenditure, travel interruptions, lost baggage, delays, health-related medical expenses and others such issues. It is an important tool to have in handy because:

  • It makes sure that the policyholdersare not left stranded in the middle of a difficult situation in a foreign city.
  • It protects the policyholder against unforeseen perils.

Features of the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Buying a travel Insurance during a trip abroad may be the last thing one considers, but there are various advantages associated with this policy. Let's take a look at the features offered by this ManipalCigna health insurance:

  • Emergency Treatment & Hospitalisation Expense Cover:This is the most important feature of an international insurance plan as it provides the required medical assistance to the policyholder during their travel. Further, this plan also covers post hospitalisation and pre hospitalisation along with other charges.
  • Trip Interruption and Cancellation Coverage:Under this feature, the policy provides coverage against trip cancellation by paying the cost of the trip. Further, the plan also covers the expenses if the trip is cancelled due to professional or personal reasons.
  • Baggage Loss:If the policyholder loses his/her baggage, the insurer will pay the total amount insured against the baggage to the person insured for complete losses.
  • Liability Coverage:The policy provides a complete coverage for legal action taken against the damage to a third party. The plan covers all related legal expenses incurred due to a legal suit.
  • Loss of Travel Documents:In comparison to other international travel insurance plans, this plan covers travel documents loss like tickets, passports, etc. The plan will pay the necessary fee required for re-applying for such travel documents.
  • Hospital Cash:If the person insured is hospitalised due to accident or illness, then the policyholder gets a daily allowance for paying hospital expenses.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains:On the unfortunate death of the policyholder during the abroad trip, the policy will pay for the expenses for transportation of the remains to the country where the person insured is a resident.
  • Hijack Allowance:If the person insured is in a common carrier which gets hijacked, then he/she will be entitled to compensation from the insurer. The person insured will get compensation for every day of hijack up to a specific amount.
  • Personal Accident:If the person insured dies during the trip or gets injured while on a trip, the person insured will compensate to the policyholder or his/her nominees.
  • Financial Assistance in case of Emergency:Financial assistance will be provided to the policyholder if the person insured loses all or a larger part of funds due to pilferage, robbery and theft.

Benefits of ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

This insurance policy ManipalCigna Health Insurance covers the following below- mentioned conditions:

Medical Benefits

A sum insured will be provided in case of:

  • Accidental dismemberment or death
  • Compassionate visit
  • Daily cash benefit for hospitalisation
  • Dental treatment expenditures
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal accident cover
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Travel Benefits

In  case of the below-mentioned conditions, a defined sum will be provided:

  • Delay of check-in baggage
  • Flight delay
  • Hijack distress cover
  • Loss of check-in baggage
  • Missed connection flight
  • Trip delay
  • Trip curtailment or cancellation

Other Benefits

In the case of the below-mentioned conditions, a sum insured will be provided

  • House burglary insurance benefit
  • House fire insurance for contents insurance benefit
  • Passport loss
  • Personal documents loss
  • Personal liability expenditure

Exclusions of the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Exclusions of this ManipalCigna Health Insurance policy are

  • If the person insured's passport lost is not registered with the local police authority, then in such cases, the losses or damages won't be covered.
  • The person won't be given medical coverage if one fails to disclose their medical conditions while applying for the policy, especially applicants above 70 years of age.
  • Any loss of baggage or other any claim for death or injury incurred due to incapability of mental state or influence of alcohol or due to depression, drugs or suicidal attempt.
  • Patients of AIDS or HIV or people suffering from any venereal illness will not be covered.
  • If the travel purpose is for availing medical treatment only.
  • If the person insured is travelling without or against the recommendation of the doctor.
  • If the person insured is diagnosed with any life-threatening illness before travelling.
  • Damages or casualties resulting out of a war or nuclear activities in the country of travel.

Eligibility to Buy the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

  • Minimum age at entry: No bar
  • Maximum: 95 years for Overseas
  • Members Covered: 7
  • Cover Type: Individual and Multi-individual
  • Policy Type: Single Trip/Multi-trip
  • Are of policy Coverage:
  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide excluding US & Canada
  • Asia Pacific
  • Schengen excluding US & Canada
  • Schengen including US & Canada
  • MDV ( Marhaba Dubai Visa)

Claim Process of the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Plan

If the insured is filing a claim for theft, accident, or any type of physical loss, then the an FIR before proceeding with the claim is required. For filing the claim, the below steps need to be followed.

  • Step 1:For filing a claim, visit the official website of the policy provider company.
  • Step 2:Go to the claim section to fill the form.
  • Step 3:One needs to enter the name of the policyholder, their date of birth, policy number, etc.
  • Step 4:Enter the details describing the nature of the claim.
  • Step 5:For any physical loss of items, enter the FIR number and other details.
  • Step 6:After verification of the claim, the person insured will be notified about claim approval, and the refund will be paid within 24 hours.

For Hospitalisation Claim due to Illness or Accident

The claim steps are as mentioned below:

  • Step 1:Once admitted to the hospital, notify the policy provider company as soon as possible.
  • Step 2:Fill up the claim form by visiting the website.
  • Step 3:Enter details about the nature of injury or illness.
  • Step 4:After undergoing the required treatment, attach all the required receipts, hospital bills.
  • Step 5:On submission of the claim form, the policy provider will verify the documents and inform about claim approval.
  • On approval of the claim, the required amount will be paid by the insurer.

For Death Claims

The claim steps are as mentioned below:

  • Step 1:For filing a claim, visit the official website of the policy provider company.
  • Step 2:Go to the claim section to fill the form.
  • Step 3:Fill up the form for death claim citing the reason of death with an FIR copy & prescriptions and other medical reports, while hospitalised.
  • Step 4:The insurer will verify and pay the claim amount to the person insured's nominee.

Documents required for the Claim Process

The below documents are necessary to claim the this policy:

  • A filled claim form
  • First Information Report (FIR) copy
  • Final police report
  • Original bills or receipts in case of hospitalisation
  • Passport copy with exit or entry stamp
  • Post-mortem report on the death (if applicable) and other essential documents as asked by the insurer.

How to Buy the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

This policy can be purchased online as well as offline. There is a single premium that needs to be paid, after which the policy gets activated. The necessary documents need to be scanned and uploaded. While original copies of the necessary documents can be taken to the nearest branch if required. The policy also can be bought vis The buying steps are simple and mentioned below:

  • Step 1:Visit the Paisawiki website for buying the plan.
  • Step 2:Choose the plan, and one can compare it with other international travel insurance policy.
  • Step 3:Enter the KYC details like name, address, age, birth date, PAN number & GST number (if applicable), passport and VISA details. Enter travel start & end date.
  • Step 4:Enter health details, information related to health insurance policies, travel insurance loan, if any.
  • Step 5:After entering the required details, there are various rider options available one can choose from.
  • Step 6:Enter nominee details.
  • Step 7:The premium will be calculated.
  • Step 8:Enter bank details and pay the premium.

After successful payment, all the policy details will be sent through email.

Documents Required

The documents required for buying the plan are:

  • KYC documents - PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Company Id or Student ID
  • Passport
  • VISA
  • Aeroplane ticket & other travel details
  • Medical reports/tests
  • Address proof - Electricity bill, phone bill, bank statement
  • Student or Company ID required for a school trip or company visit

Renewal of the ManipalCigna Group Overseas Travel Insurance Plan

Although travel insurance policies don't have a longer tenure as they are meant to cover only a single trip. But if one needs to extend their stay due to any reason or visit any other country, one might opt for a renewal. The policy period can be selected on the basis of a single trip or a multi-trip. An individual can opt for the number of days that need to be covered per trip. Available options are 30, 45, 60 and 90 days. The premium can be paid online. Further, the insurer allows a grace period of 30 days from the due date to renew the insurance policy. The steps are:

  • Step 1: Visit and go to the renewal section.
  • Step 2:Enter the birth date & policy number.
  • Step 3:The details will be shown along with the due date.
  • Step 4:Enter the days for which one needs to renew the policy.
  • Step 5:Input bank details and pay the premium. On successful payment, the policy is renewed.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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