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Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan

Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater is an affordable health insurance plan that is designed to help an individual and his family. Family members who can be covered are the spouse and up to 4 children. All modern treatments, such as robotic surgeries, oral chemotherapy, and so on, are covered by this health plan. There are options to opt for add-ons such as Critical Illness Cover and Personal Accident Cover along with the health recharge plan. 

With the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan, the applicant must choose the annual deductible aggregate claim amount. The liability of Max Bupa to settle any claim in the policy for the year will commence only after the deductible amount has exhausted.

What is the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan?

Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan is an extensive plan that offers wide coverage at affordable premiums. Both individual and floater plans come with various riders and are loaded with features that are tailor-made for a specific individual and his family. 

High-end coverage can be chosen for Critical Illness and Personal Accident needs. The insured must choose a yearly aggregate claim amount as deductible. The Max Bupa Health Recharge plan is offered to the policyholder under two variants, namely E-saver and Super Top-up plans.

Features and Benefits of Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan:

Features of Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater policy are:

  • In-Patient Care (Hospitalization): The plan covers the medical expenses incurred if an individual or his family members are hospitalized.
  • Hospital Accommodation: Hospital accommodation cost for a single private room without a cap on room rent charges is covered, for sum insured of Rs. 5 lakh and above.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization: Pre and post hospitalization expenses are reimbursed if incurred due to injury or illness. Treatment expenses are covered for 60 days before admission to the hospital until 90 days after discharge from the hospital subject to the claim being accepted by Max-Bupa. 
  • Day Care Treatments: All daycare treatments are covered under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater policy.
  • Domiciliary Treatment: In the event of unavailability of bed in hospital, treatment is administered at home. These treatment expenses are covered if it continues for three days with confirmation from a physician that the insured cannot be moved to the hospital.
  • Organ Transplant: Expenses incurred for an organ donor’s treatment for harvesting the donated organ are covered provided the organ is used by the insured.
  • Alternative Treatments: In-patient treatment through Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani methods is covered up to the sum insured.
  • Emergency Ambulance: Ambulance expenses incurred for emergency transportation of the insured to the hospital is covered under this policy. If the claim goes through, amount up to Rs. 1,500 per hospitalization is reimbursed. 
  • Pharmacy and Diagnostics: Medicines and diagnostic services may be availed by customers through the Max Bupa website by bearing the respective purchase cost.
  • E-Consultation: If the insured person is undergoing treatment or diagnosed with an illness, he can obtain e-consultation services from Max Bupa during the policy period. 
  • Loyalty Additions: There is an additional 5% of sum insured added to the base amount for the Health Recharge policy as loyalty from the company. This benefit is available only if the sum insured is up to 25 lakh. 
  • Mental Illness Cover: Any expenses incurred for a hospitalized patient for treatment of his mental illness is covered subject to specific conditions in the policy contract.
  • HIV/AIDS coverage: Expenses for treatment of HIV or AIDS incurred during hospitalization are covered under this policy.
  • Modern Treatment cover
  • Expenses for modern treatment techniques such as oral chemotherapy, intra-viral injections, robotic surgeries, and so on are covered under this policy subject to certain conditions.  

Add-on Optional Cover

Optional add-on covers are provided for:

  • Personal accident cover for injury and death due to accidents
  • Cover against significant illnesses such as cancer, heart surgeries, kidney failure, stroke, and so on
  • Room rent modification can be done to a single private room if the base plan is up to 1% of the sum insured per day. This amount is covered up to the sum insured and available for sum insured up to 4 lakh and deductible more than Rs 50,000

Aggregate Deductible

An annual aggregate deductible is compulsory under this policy. This amount can be from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh after five years of the policy and before the eldest member turns 50 years old. There is a one-time option to either modify the chosen deductible or covert the policy into an indemnity policy without a deductible.

Policy Term

The default policy of 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year terms are also available under the Health Recharge policy. There is a 7.5% discount on premium in the 2nd policy year and an added 15% discount on premium in the 3rd policy year. 

Waiting Period

The waiting period varies based on the illness, as stated below:

  • There is a waiting period of 36 months for the pre-existing disease since the policy begins.
  • There is an initial waiting period of 30 days except for accident claims.
  • There is a specific waiting period of 24 months for certain illnesses.
  • There is no waiting period for accidental cover. For critical illness, the waiting period if 90 days.

Benefits under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Policy:

  • Tax Benefit: Tax benefits under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act can be availed on the Max Bupa health insurance policy
  • Assured Policy Renewal for Life: Life-long policy renewability without any extra charges is assured with Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater policy if the premium is paid on time. 
  • Direct Claim Settlement: The customer service team offers direct, hassle-free claim settlement in the event a claim arises.
  • Cashless Facility: Cashless reimbursement facility can be availed under this policy at any of the 4600 plus network hospitals. 
  • Freelook Period: Customer satisfaction is primary for Max Bupa health insurance. Hence, the customer can cancel the policy within the 15-day free look period citing the reason if he is not satisfied with terms and conditions. 
  • Easy Access to information: All information regarding claim history, health profile, policy coverage, and test records can be accessed conveniently on the Max Bupa website. 

Exclusions of the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan

The permanent exclusions under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan are as follows:

  • Evaluation and Investigation expenses
  • Rest and rehabilitation care expenses
  • Weight and Obesity control expenses
  • Change of gender treatments costs
  • Cosmetic or Plastic surgery expenses
  • Adventure or hazardous sports injuries
  • Breach of Law
  • Unproven Treatment methods
  • Birth control, Infertility
  • Maternity and childbirth expenses
  • Circumcision
  • Injuries from war, disasters, and conflicts
  • External congenital anomalies
  • Treatment from un-registered hospital or physician

Permanent Exclusions for Personal Accident Cover if opted for are:

  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide irrespective of whether the insured is mentally stable or not
  • Injury or illness resulting from nuclear or radiological emission, war, rebellion, or terrorism
  • Injury from service in the armed force, military, navy, or air force during time peace
  • Any change in profession or renewal of policy resulting in risk enhancement, not forming a part of the policy terms
  • Committing a crime, assault, or breach of law with criminal intent
  • Health issues from consuming drugs, narcotics, liquor, medicine or poison 
  • Injuries from participating in adventure sports such as parachuting, skydiving, bungee jumping, and so on
  • Physical or mental illness not arising from an accident during the policy period

Eligibility Criteria to Buy the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan

Given below are the eligibility criteria to apply for Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan:




Age of Entry

Minimum – 18 years

Maximum – 65 years

Dependent children

Minimum – 91 days

Maximum – 25 years

Sum Insured

e-Saver option – Rs, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lakh

Super Top-up option – Rs. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10,15, 25 lakh

Policy Tenure

One year and two-year option

Maximum members that can be covered

2 adults and 4 children

Lifetime renewals

Life renewal allowed as per the policy clause

How to Claim Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan?

Given below are the steps to follow in case a claim arises:

  • Choose and approach the right insurance helpdesk of the network hospital.
  • For identification purpose, passport, voter id, PAN card or driver license must be shown along with the Max Bupa health card.
  • The network hospital will check the credentials and submit a pre-authorization form to the insurance provider.
  • If documentation is proper, the decision is communicated to the hospital with an approval.
  • A relationship manager will be assigned during hospitalization time to carry out the claim related formalities.
  • After getting admitted for treatment, and during discharge, all forms, documents, and invoices must be signed to expedite the claim process.
  • Advanced payments are paid by the insurance provider to the hospital for certain pre-approved treatments as per the policy terms.

The following documents are required for claiming Max Bupa Health Recharge Floater Plan:

  • Claim form duly filled and signed
  • Certificate from the doctor who diagnosed and treated the patient
  • The original discharge summary from the hospital
  • FIR copy when necessary
  • Original bills and prescriptions

Required Documents to Buy the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan

The documents needed to apply for Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan are:

  • Document for age proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card, birth certificate
  • Document for address proof such as Aadhar card or Driver license
  • Document for ID proof such as Aadhar card, passport or driver license 
  • Medical records and results of any medical tests undertaken

How to Buy the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan?

An applicant may buy Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan through any of the following ways:

  • Online- Buying the policy online is probably the quickest and most convenient way of purchase. This allows comparing online the various policy options, their features, premiums, and so on. The applicant must visit the Max Bupa website, enter the personal details and the policy he wishes to purchase. The premium calculator will calculate the premium amount based on the details entered and complete policy purchases instantly. 
  • Through Phone – One can call the Max Bupa customer service number to get information on the policies and get assistance until the policy purchase is complete.
  • In-Person - The applicant can also visit the nearest Max Bupa branch to complete the formalities for policy purchase. The list of branches is listed on the official website. 

Renewal Process of the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater Plan

The renewal process for the Max Bupa Health Recharge Family Floater plan can be done online through a few simple steps:

  • The policyholder must type the policy number and date of policy issue
  • Then he/she must click on ‘Submit’
  • He must find out the premium amount to be paid for the current year
  • He must then click “Pay” to execute the renewal process

The policy can also be renewed offline by visiting a Max Bupa branch or approaching an agent to apply for renewal.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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