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New India Health Insurance
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

New India Health Insurance

Financial consultants and advisors recommend buying a health insurance policy ahead of time in life. A New India Health Insurance Policy is a good and safe option in this regard.

New India Assurance is a fully-owned government subsidiary and functions in 28 countries across the world. Headquartered in Mumbai, the insurer offers a range of health plans that can be availed for individuals, families, senior citizens and so on.

What is New India Health Insurance?

Health insurance products offered under New India Health Insurance are affordably priced and comprehensive in nature. The plans offer health checkup expenses after three claim-free years. 

The company owes its success to a powerful presence in domestic and international spheres, a wide variety of insurance plans, advanced and helpful technology, and efficient complaint management system. It is the only insurance company in India known to be a direct insurer.

The company offers insurance policies to customers in the following areas:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Retail Sector
  • Commercial Sector
  • Large Industries
  • Micro Insurance
  • Rural Sector
  • Social Sector

New India Assurance has improved and refined more than 160 products that are related to general insurance. Its vast network consists of auto giants, non-government institutions, brokers, organizations etc. with 2395 offices functional in various cities across the country.

Why Should You Choose Health Insurance from New India?

A health insurance policy from New India Medical Insurance is vital for many reasons. Individuals who are not covered/are uninsured get little medical attention and less care, they experience serious health consequences, and no insurance is much financial stress and burden on themselves and their loved ones. Further on, the benefits of health insurance coverage exceed the expenses for additional services. The insured can view the options he/she can choose and compare health insurance plans online. An online comparison will help you in making a suitable choice. You can make use of an online calculator to know the premium, which differs for each policy.  

Features of New India Health Insurance Plan

Features of this policy include the following:

  • Members- The New India Health Insurance Plan insures 6 persons of your family (maximum) which includes 2 adults and 4 children
  • Lifetime Renewal – The plans which are presented are renewable on a lifelong basis, so it protects you from the financial load and stress
  • Pre and post -hospitalization insurance – The New India Health Insurance plan insures medical expenses for 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization for associated expenses
  • Previously existing diseases – Illnesses and diseases which are pre-existing are insured post a waiting period of 4 years

Benefits of New India Health Insurance

Some of the policy benefits are availed as:

  • New India Assurance Medical Insurance operates in more than 2395 offices and ensures prompt claim settlement.
  • The policy comes with multiple sum insured options to choose from as per one’s requirement.
  • The policy covers hospitalization expenses including room rent, nursing costs, surgeon’s expenses, doctor’s fees medicine, oxygen, ICU, X-ray, laboratory fees etc.
  • The insured claim for the expenses incurred before and after hospitalization in doctor’s visits or tests.
  • Some policies also cover ambulance expenses in case of an emergency.

Inclusions of New India Health Insurance

The policy covers the insured for the following expenses:

  • Offers insurance for pre and post-admittance expenses
  • Provides coverage for nursing and room charges up to 1% of the full insured sum, which includes the costs for blood transfusion, RMO, IV Fluids, etc.
  • Coverage for ICU expenses for every admitted day up to 2% of the total insured sum is offered.
  • Offers cover for pre-existing illnesses after a waiting period.
  • Provides coverage for prescribed daycare procedures.
  • Coverage offered for 11 serious illnesses mentioned in the document of the policy.
  • AYUSH treatment offered up to 25% of full insured sum at a government center
  • The New India Mediclaim policy provides advantages such as loyalty discounts, health discounts, and expenditure related to the re-compensation of a medical check etc.
  • Provides cover for ambulance costs up to 1% of the total insured sum
  • The New India Health Insurance Mediclaim Top-up Plan extends the get well assistance based on the opening amount chosen.

Exclusions of New India Health Insurance

New India Assurance Health Policy does not cover the following criteria:

  • Non-medical costs – Registration fees
  • Activities such as adventure sports, unverified medical methods, and illnesses such as HIV
  • Unauthorized causes – Self-imposed injuries, alcohol misuse, drugs
  • Pregnancy-related expenses

Types of Health Insurance Plans

The New India Assurance Company has a sequence of low-cost insurance plans for families as well as individuals such as:

  • Family Floater Mediclaim Insurance Policy
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yajana Policy
  • Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy by New India Insurance
  • Asha Kiran Health Insurance Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Plan 

Family Floater Mediclaim Insurance Policy

The New India Assurance Family Mediclaim Policy comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Expenses related to organ donor hospital treatment
  • Prescribed daycare techniques or measures
  • Fees of medical professionals like a surgeon, specialist, consultant, anesthetist, and medical practitioner
  • Payment or charges for ICU treatment – till 2% of Insured Sum each day
  • This New India Floater Mediclaim Insurance Policy covers newborns – The waiting time for a mother is usually 24 months, and the cover is from birth up till the plan ends. But the same does not include delivery charges and postnatal care
  • Coverage for cataract surgery or operation under the New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy will be up to Rs 50,000 (maximum limit)
  • Medicines, drugs, blood, oxygen, surgical instruments, radiotherapy, OT charges, chemotherapy, associated test, price of devices installed during surgery or operation such as pacemaker, X-Ray, and other costs
  • Expenses of hospitalization of patient – These do not insure outpatients and is covered for assured sum depending on the sub-limits
  • Also covered for under this plan are AYUSH treatments
  • Under the New India Mediclaim Policy, charges for Nursing and Room are 1% of Insured Sum each day
  • 11 serious illnesses prescribed 10% of the insured sum

Plan Tenure

The New India Mediclaim Policy has a tenure of one year only.


This health insurance plan can be utilized by persons in the age limit of 18-60 years. Children aged between 18-25 years are also insured as long as their parents are also insured at the same time, and they are dependent financially on their parents. Exceptions include an unmarried daughter and a mentally disabled child. For those aged above 50 years, a health check-up will be necessary. But 50% of the medical checkup expenses will be recompensed if the company approves the policy.

Premium and Insured Sum

The policy sum insured ranges from Rs 2 lakh to 5 lakh. The premium to be paid is based on the following guidelines:

  • Insured Sum
  • Zone –Greater Mumbai, Rest of India, and Delhi NCR
  • Maximum 6 persons and minimum 2 persons, including the policyholder, spouse, dependant parents till 60 years, and dependent kids. 

 Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yajona Policy

This insurance plan covers the below-mentioned points:

  • Re-compensation of repatriation – expenses for transport due to permanent disability/death/closure of contract due to succumbing to major illness/disease
  • Re-compensation of repatriation/ transport costs on account of termination of employment contract
  • Family Cover- for a family comprising of two dependent children and spouse of the policyholder is allowed a sum of Rs 10,000 (maximum) if permanent disability or death occurs
  • Benefits for Personal Accident – Permanent disability or accidental death to the insured sum of 2 lakh
  • Maternity Allowance/Benefit – Up to a sum of Rs 20,000
  • Cover for hospitalization

Policy Tenure

This policy has a tenure of two to three years.


This insurance policy can be used by persons who are citizens of India and are in the age group of 18-60 years having an official visa living abroad for the objective of employment for the duration of cover as given in the policy.

Premium, Sum Insured, and Tenure

At present, this policy offers coverage of Rs 10 lakh for death by accident/permanent disability at Rs 275 and Rs. 375 (premium) for a tenure of two and three years each.

Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

The New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy covers the below expenses

  • Hospitalization expenses of a patient for a 24 hour minimum period, which consists of:
    • Charges of ICU – Up to 2% of Insured Sum each day. Total limit 25% of the assured sum
    • Fees of Surgeon, Specialist, Consultant, Anesthetist, and Medical Practitioner
    • Medicines, drugs, surgical instruments, blood, oxygen, OT charges, anesthesia, artificial limbs, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, X-Ray, price of devices installed during surgery/operation – pacemaker, associated test, and other costs – up to 50% of the insured amount
  • Hospitalization costs for organ donation
  • Pre and post- hospitalization charges up to 30 and 60 days
  • Expenses for ambulance
  • Waiting time for pre-existing ailments or diseases is 18 months
  • Certain ayurvedic therapies or treatments are also covered under this insurance plan


For applying for a New India Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy, persons in the age group of 60-80 years do qualify. The renewal extends till 90 years without a gap.

Premium and Insured Sum

The insured sum is between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh and no claim bonus adds up by 5% for every claim-free year. Low premiums depend on the insured sum and age. An increase of 10% to 20% will apply based on age. A family savings of 10% is also applicable.

*All savings offered by the insurer are as per the IRDAI approval. Standard T&C apply.

Asha Kiran Health Insurance Policy

This health insurance plan from New India Assurance covers the following expenses related to hospitalization:

  • Hospital expenditure on organ donation
  • Fees of medical professionals like a surgeon, specialist, medical practitioner, consultant and anesthetist
  • Prescribed daycare measures
  • Nursing and Room charges – 1% of Insured Sum each day
  • Hospitalization expenses for a patient – up to assured sum conditional to sub-limits and cover excludes that of outpatients
  • Coverage for cataract surgery or operation under the insurance policy will be 10% of Insured Sum or up to a maximum limit of Rs 50000 – whichever is lesser
  • Treatments for outpatients are excluded
  • 11 serious illnesses or ailments as prescribed 10% of the insured sum
  • AYUSH treatments up to 25% of the insured sum are covered under this policy
  • Medicines, drugs, anesthesia, oxygen, surgical instruments, OT charges, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, associated tests, X-ray, artificial limbs, price of devices installed during surgery or operation like a pacemaker and other expenditure
  • ICU costs – up to 2% of insured sum each day
  • Congenital ailments/diseases which are not pre-existing are payable but conditional to waiting periods as detailed for external or internal concerns

Under this policy, the below mentioned personal accident plans are also covered:


Type of Cover




Total and Permanent Disability of

Policyholder or Spouse

100% of Insured Sum



Policyholder and

200% of Insured






Loss of vision in one eye/one Limb

Policyholder or Spouse

50% of Insured Sum



Policyholder and Spouse

100% of Insured Sum


Loss of one eye and one limb or loss of both limbs and/or both eyes of

Policyholder or Spouse

100% of Insured Sum



Policyholder and Spouse

200% of Insured Sum


Death by Accident

Policyholder or Spouse

100% of Insured Sum



Policyholder and Spouse

200% of Insured Sum 

Policy Tenure

The tenure of this policy is typically one year only.


To be eligible for this policy, the minimum age of the insured must be 18 years, and the maximum age is 65 years.

Premium and Insured Sum

The premiums for this policy are exempt from taxes. The insured sum options available are Rs 2 lakh, 3 lakh, 5 lakh and Rs 8 lakh. 

Overseas Mediclaim Plan

Under this plan, medical costs incurred  by the insured out of India are covered When talking about any contracted injuries or ailments or diseases, these include:

Holiday and Occupational Plans which comprise of lost passport, medical/transportation expenses, delay and loss of baggage which has been checked in and personal liability

  • Education and Employment Plans which comprise of reunion and medical expenses

For both the cases mentioned above, deductibles apply. A waiting period of 90 days is applicable in case of a claim.

Policy Tenure

The policy’s tenure is 180 days, and the insured can obtain an extension for an additional 180 days. The cover begins from the departure date or from the insurance’s first day, whichever comes afterward and legitimate to the arrival date (scheduled) or actual date of arrival, whichever is first.


Persons who are aged between 18 to 65 years qualify for this policy, on the condition that the plans are availed of before leaving the country.

Premium and Sum Insured

The premium to be paid by the insured depends on his/her age, length/time of the journey, and the visiting country. 

Eligibility Criteria of New India Health Insurance

Each New India Assurance Health Policy comes with eligibility criteria. But given below are inclusive criteria to adhere to for applying to the New India Health Insurance policy:

  • The minimum age to apply is 18 years, and the maximum age is 65 years for adults. Children aged between 3 months – 25 years are covered.
  • The insured sum ranges from Rs 1 lakh to 8 lakh depending on the plan opted for. The insured sum can be increased during renewal based on the terms and conditions of the policy

Claim Process – New India Health Insurance Plan

Under the New India Health Insurance Plan, if a person wants to make a claim, he/she should:

  • Inform the policy office/TPA in written communication about any illness, disease or injury sustained before being admitted to hospital.
  • One has to inform within a timeline of 24 hours from hospitalization – in case of health/medical emergency.
  • Present the below-mentioned documents to Issuing Office associated with the claim within 7 days from the hospital discharge date:
    • Receipt, bill, and release card/certificate given by the hospital
    • Cash Notes/Memos received from chemists, hospitals aided by suitable prescriptions
    • Reports of tests from pathologist and receipt backed by the memo from the tending surgeon/medical practitioner suggesting these tests
    • Surgeon’s authentication expressing the nature of surgery/operation carried out, including receipt and bill
    • Handling Specialist's/Doctor's/Anesthetist's/Consultant's receipt and bill and authorization relating to diagnosis
    • Verification from caring/tending Surgeon/Medical Practitioner that the patient is completely healed/cured
    • For after hospitalization care/treatment which extends to 60 days, present all documents related to claim within 7 days after treatment is completed
    • Furnish Issuing Office/TPA with permission to receive medical records and others from the Laboratory, Hospital or associated concern
  • If anybody would like to contact the insurance company personally, they can reach out to them on toll-free number 1800-209-1415. You can also send an email to customer care.

Documents Required to Claim New India Health Insurance

A claim form is required to be filled out, which can be downloaded from the website of the insurance company.

The form’s Part A is required to be filled by the insured/policyholder with personal information, insurance record/history, policy number, hospitalization details, bank account information, and claim details. The guidelines to fill up the form are mentioned in the form.

 Part B of the claim form is filled by the hospital where the treatment was received. The policyholder or insured must fill Part A of the form with the following details:

Insured/Policyholder Details

  • Name
  • Policy Number
  • Address
  • New India Assurance TPA ID number
  • Certificate number or SI number

Insurance History Details

  • Name of Company, insured sum, and policy number
  • Whether presently covered by other health/mediclaim insurance
  • Starting date of first insurance minus any gaps or breaks
  • Covered by other health insurance or mediclaim previously
  • Company Name
  • If hospitalized in the past 4 years since contract initiation, it is necessary to mention diagnosis and date.

Policyholder/Insured Details who have been hospitalized

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Relationship to policyholder/insured
  • Email ID
  • Address
  • Phone number

Hospitalization Information

  • Hospital name where insured is admitted
  • Reason for hospitalization
  • Category of Room occupied
  • Admission Date
  • Injury date or date of the first detection of disease or delivery date
  • Time
  • Discharge date
  • Cause of injury along with police report
  • Medicine procedure

Claim Information

  • Details of expenditure for treatment
  • Details of Claim of cash benefit or single payment
  • Claim for private hospitalization
  • Claim documents required for submission/ detailed checklist

Bank Account details of Insured/Policyholder

  • Name of Bank and Branch
  • IFSC Code
  • PAN
  • Account Number
  • Details of cheque/DD

Insured/Policyholder’s declaration 

How to Renew New India Health Insurance Plan?

The insured can visit the official website of Paisawiki for New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy Renewal. He/she is required to put in their customer ID and insurance policy number, which will be directed to their mobile number by way of SMS. Then, the insured should click on the 'Proceed' key.  He/she can view their renewal notification onscreen, which also lists information on premiums. Payment for premiums can be made by using a credit card, debit card, or online banking facility.  After the payment is made, the policy will be renewed.

How to Buy New India Health Insurance Plan?

New India health insurance plans can be bought easily at One just has to go to the home page by visiting, navigate through the plans of New India Assurance, provide the necessary information in the drop-down box and click on the “view plan’ option. Various plans with their various coverage options will appear. The applicant can choose and pay the premium online through a secured online payment gateway.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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