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Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

Despite leading a disciplined lifestyle, any unexpected illness may be diagnosed at any stage of life. Unanticipated medical contingencies can bring on huge treatment expenses and medical bills for the individual and his family members. This can cause a lot of mental and financial stress on the family.

Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy can minimize this financial burden through its single umbrella health insurance policy. This well-planned health insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance Company offers coverage for hospitalization and treatment costs in medical contingency. It offers several value-added services along with the regular inclusions.   

What is the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy?

Reliance HealthWise Insurance plan is another useful offering under Reliance health insurance. This plan can be taken for an individual member or as a family floater policy. It is a comprehensive policy that offers coverage for most of the common medical expenses and treatments.

This policy comes in 3 variants – Gold, Silver, and Standard plans with varying coverage and sum insured options of 2,3,4, and 5 lakh for all plans. Some offers and savings on premiums come with a policy that policyholders can avail of. High-quality coverage at competitive prices is the attractive feature of this policy. The PAN-India cashless hospital network is another alluring factor.

Features of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

Given below are the salient features of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance policy:

  • This policy comes in the form of individual health insurance and family health insurance plans.
  • There are 3 variants of this plan – Gold, Silver, and Standard policy.
  • The sum insured ranges from 2 lakh, 3 lakh, 4 lakh, and 5 lakh for all the 3 variants.
  • There are no loading charges on the renewal premiums in the event of a claim.
  • There are no restrictions on ICU or room rent coverage amounts.
  • There is no co-payment needed under this health insurance policy.
  • The family floater option can cover all the members of the family.
  • Cashless hospitalization facility with access to 4000+ network hospitals.
  • Hospitalization expenses are covered for more than 24 hours only.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization is limited to 10% of the sum assured for medical expenses for medical treatment is taken at home, which would otherwise need hospitalization.
  • Reimbursement of the medical check-up cost is up to 1% of the cost of sum assured for individual policies and 1.25% for floater policies for 4 consecutive years of no claims being reported.

Benefits of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Plan

The benefits of Reliance HealthWise Insurance plan are given below:

  • Family floater benefit under this policy offers comprehensive coverage up to 4 members of the family comprising the insured, his spouse, and 2 children under 21 years of age.
  • The premium paid under this policy is eligible for tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • This policy offers coverage for pre-existing illnesses or injuries after 2 or 4 years depending upon the plan opted.
  • This policy offers daily hospitalization allowance for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Nursing allowance for 5-days maximum is provided on the recommendation of the medical practitioner.
  • Road ambulance service expenses are reimbursed under this policy.
  • Recovery benefit of Rs 10,000 can be availed under this policy in the event of hospitalization for more than 10 days.
  • The expenses of the caretaker at the hospital are covered for a maximum of 5 days.
  • This policy offers a free-look period of 15 days within which the policyholder can choose to cancel the policy.
  • This plan offers 10 to 40% savings on premiums on memberships, medicines, investigations, and other services.
  • This plan offers a renewal savings of 5% on base premium for each claim-free renewal subject to a maximum of 20% savings over the entire claim-free period.
  • The insured can avail a savings of 4% on premiums in case coverage is for one daughter in policy and 7% for 2 daughters.

Inclusion of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

The Reliance HealthWise Insurance policy offers coverage for the following expenses:

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • This includes expenses incurred towards boarding, hospital room, and OT.
  • Doctors and nurses’ fees
  • Medical tests expenses
  • Medicines, oxygen, blood, and appliances costs
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization

This includes all expenses related to offering medical treatment at home, provided the patient's condition does not allow him to be hospitalized, or lack of accommodation at the hospital.

  • Daycare Treatment

This includes all charges of daycare treatment and surgeries listed in the policy document, where 24 hospitalization is not essential.

  • Pre and Post-hospitalization

Medical expenses related to the treatment of the policyholder before and after hospitalization for a specific number of days.

  • Pre-existing diseases

Coverage for pre-existing diseases after 2-4 continuous claim free renewals with the provider.

  • Critical Illness

The Gold plan of this policy offers an additional amount equivalent to the sum insured for hospitalization and treatment of certain critical illnesses such as Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Kidney Failure, First Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, Aorta Graft Surgery, Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, and Paralysis.

  • Donor Expenses

All hospitalization expenses of the donor in the event of a major organ transplant are covered under the Gold and Silver plans of this policy.

  • Cost of Health Checkup

Expenses for health check-up after a block of 4 continuous claim-free years are covered under this policy.

Exclusions of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

The following medical expenses are excluded from the list of coverage under this Reliance health insurance policy:

  • Some ailments are covered from the second year only and not in the first year. These are Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Cataract, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy/Menorrhagia/Fibromyoma, Hydrocoele, Dilation, Hernia, Congenital Internal Disease, Sinusitis, Fistula in Anus, skin and internal tumors, nodules, cysts, polyps including breast lumps (unless malignant), hemorrhoids, adenoids, Dialysis required for Chronic Renal Failure, Duodenal, and Gastric Ulcers.
  • Any Pre-existing disease or injury will not be covered for the first 2 to 4 years, as per the plan opted.
  • Disease contracted during the initial 30 days of policy is not covered.
  • Treatment expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth complications are excluded.
  • Medical expenses due to suicide, self-inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder, anxiety, stress or depression, and alcohol or drugs are excluded from coverage.
  • Treatment for diseases such as HIV or AIDS is not covered.
  • The costs of buying spectacles, contact lenses, and hearing aids are not covered.
  • Expenses for dental treatment or surgery of any kind are not covered unless it requires hospitalization for 24 hours at least and treatment.
  • Expenses on vitamins and tonics are not covered unless they are a part of treatment for any disease or injury.
  • Treatment expenses for Obesity, Weight loss, and congenital external disease are not covered.
  • Hospitalization due to war, nuclear attack, and so on is not covered.
  • Naturopathy treatment expenses and any other form of non-allopathic treatment and medication are not covered under this policy.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

The minimum eligibility criteria to buy this plan are:

  • Adults below 65 years of age and children above 3 months old are covered under this policy.
  • Children between 3 months and 18 years are eligible for coverage only if both parents are covered under the policy.
  • Maximum age of entry for the 3 variants of the policy are:
  • Gold – 65 years
  • Silver – 50 years
  • Standard – 65 years
  • A single individual opting for this policy must have completed 18 years of age on the date of application.

The scope of coverage for each category is as follows:


Entry Age

Maximum Members

Sum Insured


Individual Policy

Children – 3 months to 18 years


Rs 2,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

Separate Premium

Family Floater Plan

Children – 3 months to 21 years

4(Adults - 2, Children - 2)

Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000

The single premium for all members

Claim Process of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

In the event of admission to a hospital, immediate intimation must be given to the insurance company's third-party administrator through the helpline number. Claims can be made through cashless or reimbursement facilities. Once the required documents are submitted, the TPA will arrange for a cashless facility in the hospital provided the illness is covered under the policy.

In the event of a reimbursement claim, soon after the intimation to the insurance company, all original bills must be submitted to the TPA within 30 days of discharge of the insured from the hospital.

The documents needed for filing the claim for Reliance Healthwise Insurance policy are:

  • Duly filled Claim Form
  • Original bills, receipts, discharge card from the hospital
  • Original bills/prescription from the pharmacist
  • Referral letter from the physician advising hospitalization
  • Original bills for claiming ambulance charges

Documents Required to Buy the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

The required documents needed to apply for Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy are:

  • Document showing ID proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card or passport
  • Document showing age proof such as Aadhar card or birth certificate
  • Document showing address proof such as drivers' license or Aadhar card
  • Passport size photos.

How to Buy the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy?

The applicant can easily buy Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy online from the official website of the insurer. Alternatively, one can also buy it from, where an online comparison is also possible. The steps of buying are mentioned below:

  • The applicant needs to visit the official website of and go to the ‘Health’ option.
  • The next step is to navigate through the “Free Online Quotes” and provide necessary information there. Click on submit.
  • After providing certain personal information such as name, members to be added, age, email id, mobile phone number, and pin code etc. and click on ‘proceed’.
  • The portal will revert with the various policy options and prices.
  • The applicant must choose the policy option that best meets his/her needs in terms of coverage and budget.
  • One can also compare by choosing the “compare plan” option.
  • Once the final premium quote is received, the next step is to pay the premiums. One can pay the premiums using credit/debit card or net banking.
  • On successful payment of the premiums, the policy document will be mailed to the registered email id. The hard copy of the same will be sent to the mailing address.

Renewal Process of the Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy

Given below are the steps to renew the Reliance HealthWise insurance policy using the portal:

  • The policyholder must visit and choose the HealthWise option from the Health Insurance tab.
  • One must then enter the policy number or mobile number to proceed.
  • He/she must enter the relevant personal details.
  • The enrolled policy will appear with the premium amount to be paid.
  • one must pay the premium amount and complete the renewal of the policy.
  • A confirmation of the renewal will be sent via email or phone number.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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