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Reliance Health Infinity Insurance
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Investing in health insurance is the only means to tackle unfortunate medical emergencies. In today’s world of stress and lifestyle disorders, health insurance policies need to offer more than what is conventionally stated.

Insurance policies need to go above and beyond to secure health in today’s age of rising medical costs and newly advanced treatment methods; expensive hospitalization results in draining of finances.

A plan such as Reliance Health Infinity Insurance provides added benefits and ensures that advanced treatment of the highest quality is affordable. This is a win-win for the insured.

What is Reliance Health Infinity Insurance?

Reliance Health Infinity Insurance is a policy under Reliance health insurance that provides more than a conventional health cover. It offers benefits with respect to time, payout, and location.

This means the insured will get a policy coverage for an additional period (more time), with an additional sum insured (more cover), and coverage outside India (more global). Therefore, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance is beneficial for the insured with respect to new-age global medicine.

Features of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Some of the features of this policy include:

Pro-insured Policy - Reliance Health Infinity Insurance provides additional coverage to the insured in terms of the supplementary sum insured, a greater policy period, and worldwide coverage. 

However, no charges are levied on the insured for any of the additional services. Added benefits are provided at the original price. This is completely in line with policy being pro-insured.

Hospitalization-related Coverage – Comparing policies, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance offers the highest coverage devoted to hospitalization-related events. It covers 90 days of pre-hospitalization and 180 days of post-hospitalization expenses.

This can prove useful in surgery for critical illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, which require adequate pre-surgical preparation, as well as post-surgical recovery.

No Sub-limits – Sub-limits are limits placed on the health insurance payout for a specific medical procedure. For instance, a cap of around 1-2% is generally placed on ICU rent of the total sum insured. But if a higher-priced room is sought, the expenses would need to be paid by the patient.

However, this does not occur with Reliance Health Infinity Insurance. The absence of sub-limits leaves it to the choice of the insured regarding room rent or ambulance services.

Cancellation of the Policy – Withdrawal from or cancellation of an insurance policy is permitted within the free-look period. However, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance permits policy cancellation beyond this period – till 90 days from purchase. Upon comparing policies, this is three times the normal cancellation period.

In other words, if a customer wishes to withdraw from the policy within three months of purchase, it is completely permitted. Consequently, no loss is suffered in the premium paid (100% refund).

Benefits of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

The policy comes with ample benefits that can be categorized as below:

Multiple SI Options: The sum insured of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance varies from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 1 crore. However, an additional 30% sum insured is offered with no added costs.

Sum insured


Rs 3 L

Rs 5 L

Rs 10 L

Rs 15 L

Rs 50 L

Rs 1 crore


Rs 1 L

Rs 2 L

Rs 3 L

Rs 5 L

Rs 15 L

Rs 30 L

Therefore, the insured receives a total payout in the same policy period where a savings of 25% to 33% on premium is offered.

*All savings provided by the insurer are as per the IRDAI approval. Standard T&C apply.

AYUSH Benefit -  If the insured is admitted to a hospital that offers treatment under AYUSH, the expenses are covered by this Reliance Health Insurance plan.

Additionally, the policy does not impose any sub-limits in terms of duration of treatment or medical expenses. However, the only condition to avail of this benefit is that the insured should be hospitalized.

Non-hospitalized insured availing AYUSH treatment from medical stores or chemists are not eligible for this benefit.

 Transport Benefit – This applies to transport vehicles that are not ambulances. In the absence of ambulances, the insured would be required to take a cab to travel to the hospital. Such vehicles require pre-authorization from the concerned hospital to be eligible for the insured to claim benefit.

This benefit is extended to transportation charges up to Rs 500, in the event of an emergency and/or travelling from one health care institute to another.

Restore Benefit – In case the entire sum insured gets exhausted before the policy ends, it is reinstated or restored fully. However, this benefit is applicable only for expenses to be borne for future hospitalization and new medical issues.

This is not applicable for covering expenses over complications arising due to previous illnesses or a relapse of a previous ailment.

Additional Savings – In addition to the supplementary sum insured issued free of cost, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance offers various other savings on premiums as part of the policy –



Savings offered


Renewal of premium after a medical check-up


2/3 Year

Offered for policy lasting 2 or 3 years


Individual within family

If multiple family members opt for individual policies



Insured is an employee of an insurance provider or a repeat customer

10% (one-time)


Online purchase of policy through the website or mobile app


The most commonly offered savings on the premiums is 10%; however, a cap is placed at 30%.

*All savings provided by the insurer are as per the IRDAI approval. Standard T&C apply.

Tax Benefits – All investments in health insurance are subject to income tax deductions under Section 80(D) of the Income Tax Act, India (1961).

Reliance Health Infinity Insurance provides the option of covering the entire family. Therefore, the tax benefits depend on family demographics – 

Family coverage

Tax benefits

Self (non-senior citizen)

Rs 20,000

Family (self, spouse, and kids)

Rs 20,000


Rs 20,000

Parents (senior citizens)

Rs 30,000

From the above, one can derive a maximum tax benefit of Rs 50,000 through the policy.

*Tax benefit is subject to changes as per the tax laws

More Options Benefits – These cover the benefits of “more time”, “more cover, and “more global”, characteristic of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance.

Accordingly, the benefits of one of the three can be derived completely free of cost. With additional premium payment, the other two benefits can also opt-in as part of the policy.

Inclusions of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Inclusions of this policy are:

Daycare Treatment – This treatment includes medical procedures not requiring hospitalization for 24 hours. They can be performed in a clinic, daycare centre, or a hospital. For example, cataract surgery, dialysis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Daycare treatment is covered fully under Reliance Health Infinity Insurance, and no sub-limits are applied.

Inpatient Care – In case the insured requires hospitalization for more than 24 hours, the resultant medical expenses would be much greater than daycare treatment. 

Inpatient care includes the following –

  • Admitted hospital room charges
  • Nurse charges
  • ICU room rent
  • Medical personnel expenses
  • Administration of anaesthesia and oxygen
  • Blood transfusion
  • Surgery and operation theatre charges
  • Implanted devices (internal)
  • Drug therapy
  • Diagnostic procedures

 New Age Medicine – Development in technology results in advanced treatment methods. Comparing plans, the unique feature of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance is the coverage of expenses of new-age treatment methods (50% co-payment).

Special treatment financed by this policy includes –

  • Robotic medicine
  • Stem cell intervention
  • Surgical correction of refractive error of eye (14 dioptres)
  • Antibiotic and monoclonal antibody injections
  • Treatment for mental illnesses, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease

Domiciliary Hospitalization – In case hospital beds are unavailable; the insured is required to be quarantined at home for treatment and recovery, and if such home treatment exceeds three consecutive days, the resultant medical expenses are financed by Reliance Health Infinity Insurance with no sub-limits.

Organ Donation – If the insured wishes to donate their organs, the medical expenses of the donor, as well as, harvesting the donated organ to be transplanted are covered by the policy.

Therefore, there are no obstacles regarding the financial coverage of the donors or medical procedures with respect to organ donation.

Emergency Ambulance – In case a medical emergency requires the insured to be taken to the nearest hospital, the ambulance costs will be covered by Reliance Health Infinity Insurance.

Additionally, if the insured is transferred from one medical facility to another, ambulance costs will be similarly covered.

Exclusions of the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance Plan

The following claims are excluded under Reliance Health Infinity Insurance:

Sr. No.

Non-medical reasons

Sr. No.

Medical reasons


Illness or injury due to war or social unrest


Overdose or consumption of alcohol or drugs; hormonal therapy


Injury due to self-harm


Sleep apnea


Adventure sports, military operations


Pregnancy, infertility,



Racing activities


Dental treatment


Injury due to breach of law


Unrecognized medical practitioners

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Age limits for entry





18 years

91 days


65 years

25 years

Depending on the insured, variants of Reliance Health Infinity Insurance are

  • The insured can be a single individual (self) or family.
  • Family coverage includes individual sum insured or a family floater plan.
  • For the floater plan, the family includes a maximum of 8 members (2 adults and up to 6 children)
  • Policy tenure – 1 year, 2 years, 3 years
  • Sum insured – Rs 3 lakh, Rs 5 lakh, Rs 10 lakh, Rs 15 lakh, Rs 50 lakh, Rs 1 crore

The sum insured is not dependent on the age or income of the insured.

Waiting Period:

Waiting period


Applicable for


30 days

All claims, except accidents






24 months

Specific diseases mentioned in the policy.

Insured should be in 3rd year of policy without previous claims

Pre-existing diseases

36 months

Declared pre-existing diseases for which claim has been approved

.Plan Options:

  • Basic benefits – All insured customers are eligible for this.
  • More Options – Additional coverage (More Time, More Cover, More Global) with no extra premium.
  • More Time – Insured is eligible only if the policy has completed 1 year.

Original policy period


1 year

1 month

2 years

2 months

More Time is not valid for the original policy period of 3 years.

  • More Cover – Insured is eligible only after the sum insured is exhausted for the existing policy year. More Cover can be applied only for future claims. Benefits of More Cover cannot be carried forward to the next year.
  • More Global – Only those insured who have opted for this benefit are eligible. This is applicable in case the insured develops an emergency condition that manifested overseas during the policy period.

An application is required from the medical practitioner that the treatment is urgent and cannot be postponed till India returns.

  • Voluntary Co-payment – Insured opting for this is eligible for a premium discount. However, with respect to co-payment, the insured is responsible for clearing dues as deemed by Reliance Health Infinity Insurance.
  • Reliance Health Infinity Insurance has lifelong renewability. The policy is eligible for renewal after a medical check-up.

Claim Process for Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

The claim procedure for Reliance Health Infinity Insurance can be initiated two ways – cashless and reimbursement.

Cashless Claim (network hospital)

 When the treatment is taken form a network hospital, the insured can avail the services cashless claim. Here are the steps:

  • In the event of emergency hospitalization, the insurance provider should be suitably informed within 24 hours.
  • For planned hospitalization, a cashless claim should be made 48 hours prior to hospitalization.
  • Upon acceptance of the claim, the authorization letter will be sent by the hospital to the health insurance provider.
  • Submit the duly filled claim form to the hospital. The required documents will be submitted to the insurance provider.
  • The insured should clear all expenses as co-payment and/or not covered in the policy before discharge.

Reimbursement Claim (non-network hospital)

When the insured avails the treatment from a non-network hospital, he/she can register for reimbursement claim. Below are the steps:

  • Make all the payments related to medical expenses - diagnostics, equipment, and treatment.
  • Request for the original documentation regarding medical bills.
  • Seek a report from the medical practitioner regarding the illness and the treatment provided.
  • Fill up the claim form connected to Reliance Health Infinity Insurance and submit it with the required documents within 15 days of hospitalization.
  • After the claim has been cleared, the payment and the statement of claim settlement will be issued in 30 days.

Required Documents for Claim Submission

Both cashless and reimbursement claims require certain documents to be submitted with the claim form:

  • Doctor’s report stating the nature of the ailment or injury, along with the observed symptoms
  • Original medical documentation – bills, reports, prescription
  • Treatment papers regarding the illness
  • Imaging and diagnostic reports and scans (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc.)
  • Discharge report from the hospital signed and stamped by a medical authority.
  • PAN card and photo identity of the patient to ensure smooth financial transaction
  • A copy of the health insurance identity card
  • In the case of an accident, police FIR is required to be submitted with the claim form.

How to Buy Reliance Health Infinity Insurance Plan?

A Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan can be obtained online and offline. The online process can be handy with aggregator websites such as, which involves three steps:

Decide the Premium to be Paid

  • Go to As per the requirements, pick out the appropriate health insurance plan offering adequate coverage of medical expenses in terms of treatment choices, hospitalization, as well as additional benefits offered at no extra cost.
  • If a family has to be covered, give details of the family members to be covered under the policy.
  • With respect to the sum insured, the policy insurance coverage is offered in two forms – individual (each family member invests in a separate plan) and family floater (a single plan common for the entire family). Based on the requirements, family coverage is accordingly chosen.
  • Reliance Health Infinity Insurance offers savings and benefits at various levels. Check the required reduction and select the required added benefits. Accordingly, the premium calculator displays the amount to be paid as premium.

Registering Details

  • Give the mobile number to be registered with Reliance Health Infinity Insurance.
  • Provide your name, gender, as well as the adults and/or children to be covered. Give the ages of the oldest adult and child to be included.
  • Select the resident city. A list of health insurance plans follows this. Select 'View Features' for checking plan details.
  • Details are provided regarding the cover, policy claim, the premium to be paid, added benefits, discounts, and hospitals covered. Comparing multiple plans helps in choosing the required plan from the available options. Subsequently, click on “Proceed to Buy”.
  • Complete details of the selected health insurance plan, along with the family details, are provided. The customer can verify the transaction before the payment. Additionally, two documents can be downloaded – terms and conditions and the chosen plan. Multi-year policies enable saving of finances (with added discounts).
  • When details are finalized, choose “Proceed”.
  • A window appears requiring the ages of the 2nd adult and child (if covered). Add the required details and choose “Done”.
  • Full details are shown again, with the added information of the family members. Confirming the data, choose “Proceed”.
  • Another page appears requiring information regarding all the individuals to be covered in the insurance plan. It contains five sections - insurer details, contact information, health information or medical history, nominee details, and agreement to a declaration.
  • Verify the given data and upload the documents. Next step is payment.

Policy Premium Payment

  • Premium payment can be made online. Higher payment is due to 18% GST on health insurance premiums.
  • The policy can be purchased offline by visiting the nearest branch office of the health insurance provider.

Documents Required for Buying the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Documents required for purchasing the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan include -

  • Identity proof – PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license, passport, voter I-card
  • Age proof – Passport, birth certificate
  • Address proof – Aadhar card, driving license, passport
  • Passport-sized photographs

Additional documentation required:

  • Medical check-up for claiming renewal discount at the end of the policy year
  • In the case of More Global benefit being chosen, a letter from the overseas medical practitioner treating the insured

Renewal Process for Reliance Health Infinity Insurance

Reliance Health Infinity Insurance offers a lifelong renewal option. This is extremely convenient for the insured about assured medical coverage. To renew the policy:

  • Visit Select “Renewal” and “Health Renewal”. Or, log in to and choose “Policy Renewal.
  • Enter the policy ID, mobile number, and date of birth.
  • Plan information is provided, including the family members covered, details, and added benefits and savings.
  • Choose “Plan Renewal”. Plan details can be edited with respect to the benefits, family members covered, and the sum insured.
  • Make the required changes. The new premium amount will be displayed.
  • The payment is made digitally, and the health insurance policy is renewed this way.


  • Q: Can the policy expire if the premium is not paid on time?

    Ans: The insurance provider offers a grace period of 15 days for premium payment. If no payment is made in the grace period as well, the policy becomes dormant or inactive. No policy claims or benefits can be derived till the dues are cleared with the levied interest as per the discretion of the insurance provider.
  • Q: How many policy claims are allowed per year?

    Ans: There is no restriction on the number of policy claims made per year. However, the claimed amount cannot be greater than the sum insured amount for that specific policy.
  • Q: Can the nominee of the health insurance policy be changed?

    Ans: The nominee can be changed at any time. One can log in to the website of the insurance provider and provide the new details. Alternatively, one can visit the nearest branch office for the same.
  • Q: What are the benefits of a health insurance card?

    Ans: The health insurance card helps in cashless claims at a network hospital. It helps in confirming the identity of the insured. Additionally, the card contains the contact details of the insurance provider, which can be used for contacting during hospitalization.
Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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