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Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy
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Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy: An overview

In everyone's life, health, out of all things, deserves optimum importance. Getting a Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy will ensure a secure present and future for the potential policyholder. At the time of adversities, Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy assures the stability of the monetary aspect and peace of mind to its customers.

Established in the year 2006, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company incorporates vital policies covering Mediclaim, Personal Accident and Health Plans. Star Health has a large network of more than 9300 plus hospitals Pan India, with over 450 branches in the country and approval of 90% cashless claims within 2 hours.

What is Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy contributes to a host of coverages, with the commitment of never compromising on healthcare and provides a hassle-free claim settlement procedure- whether it is cashless or reimbursement. In case of any medical emergency, ailment or a need for hospitalisation, Star Health Insurance has exclusive benefits and features to offer and further supporting the individual in the financial burden he may have to carry because of the same.

Features and Benefits of Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy comes with the following features and benefits:

  • No capping on the room-rent or boarding fees for a single standard a/c room.
  • Hospital cash benefit is provided under this plan.
  • Dental treatment expenses are covered under star comprehensive health insurance policy OPD feature
  • The policy covers 400+ day care treatment expenses
  • The policy covers air ambulance expenses
  • Second medical opinion can be taken and expenses are covered
  • After 3 continuous claim-free years, free medical check-up is available
  • 100% increment of the sum insured for the claim-free years.
  • Bariatric surgical treatment expenses are covered.
  • Coverage for personal accidents and for permanent disabilities and death, this policy does not charge any extra cost.
  • Direct in-house claim settlement that ensures fast settlement
  • Star Health Insurance has tie-ups with more than 8800 hospitals to avail cashless hospitals.
  • Customers can avail the facility of updating their personal health through electronic maintenance

Inclusions of the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Star Comprehensive Insurance comes with a huge list of inclusions, which means a comprehensive coverage is offered. The policy offers insurance coverage for the following:

Hospitalization expenses

All expenses incurred on hospitalisation with a mandatory in-house hospitalisation of 24 hours minimum


Other Inclusions

Hospitalisation expenses including room rent and boarding charges of a single standard AC room, fees of the surgeon, specialist and medical practitioner, nursing charges, pharmacy, drugs and medicines expenses etc.


Pre-hospitalization expenses

Maximum 30 days which includes expenses incurred before the actual hospitalisation of the policyholder

Post-hospitalization expenses

Maximum 60 days which includes expenses incurred after the discharge of the policyholder from the hospital

Limit of Pre and Post Hospitalisation

Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization – up to Rs 2.5 lakh as per the policy terms

Emergency ambulance charges


Air Ambulance cover

Under a Health Insurance policy which has a Sum Insured of Rs 7.5 lakh and above, air ambulance cover is included with a limit of 10% of the total Sum Insured in a policy period


Claims can include 10% of co-payment made by the policyholder


Minimum and Maximum Age Limit

According to the policy, the minimum age limit to purchase the policy should be less than 65 years and there is no upper age limit for any renewals done thereafter.


Consultation charges for Out-patient apart from dental and ophthalmologist consultations

Up to a certain limit as specified in the terms and conditions

Domiciliary hospitalization

Coverage provided if more than three days


Tax Benefits

Exemption in taxes on the total premium paid towards the policy under section 80D of the ITA.


Free Look period

15-days so that the policyholder can review his policy and if he is not satisfied with the policy, it can be cancelled with a total refund of premium paid.


Maternity Expenses

With a waiting period of 36 months under the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy, Pre-natal charges and post-natal expenses are covered along with the delivery expenses as calculated under the policy conditions.


New-born baby expense cover will be taking care through the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy up to 1000 rupees



Treatment of Dental and OPD

After 3 years of maintaining the policy continuously irrespective of whether a claim has been made or not

Hospital Cash Benefit

Provided for each day at the hospital

Permanent Disability and Accidental Death Cover

The Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy provides the coverage of accidental death in which the compensation is equal to the sum insured amount

Bariatric Surgery Cover

The Insurance Policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses of bariatric procedures and complications related to it with a maximum limit of Rs 2.5 lakh in accordance with the policy term


Waiting Period

A waiting period of 36 months exists to claim compensation

Second Medical Opinion Cover

There is a panel of medical experts available from which the policyholder can approach one of the listed doctors for a second opinion in case of medical emergencies



A No Claim Bonus of 50% to 100% can be gained if no claim has been filed in a policy period. In case a claim is made, then the accrued No claim bonus can be reversed

Exclusions of the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Although Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers a wide array of medical expenses but also has a few exclusions like:

  • Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers pre-existing diseases only after a specified waiting period which can be from 24-48 months as specified in the policy document. This can be quite a hassle for many policyholders
  • Accessories related to eyesight and hearing like lenses, hearing aids, spectacles etc. are not covered under this plan.
  • Similarly, any kind of dental treatment or accessories for the teeth are not covered.
  • Naturopathy treatment is not covered.
  • Certain diseases like sinus, hernia, cataract etc. are not covered in the 1st year of the tenure of the policy.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Anyone who is between the age group of 18 years to 65 years is eligible to purchase the health insurance policy. The minimum and maximum age limit for the dependent children is three months to 25 years. In case of renewals, there is no age limit considered. This policy is available for both individual plans and as family floaters wherein a family would include the policyholder himself, his spouse and dependent children.

Claim Process for Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

In case of any medical contingency, the policyholder must immediately start with the claim process to cater to the financial needs.

The Claim Process contains the following steps and actions:

Step 1 - Claims to be filled and intimated within 24 hours of hospitalisation.

Step 2 - The policyholder needs to intimate the insurance company within the prescribed limits to start with the claim procedure.

Step 3 - After the insured has notified the insurance company about the hospitalisation and produced the policy number, he/she will receive the claim form, which needs to be properly filled up. The Policyholder needs to furnish his/her Star Health ID card at the time of entry.

Step 4 - A pre-authorization document needs to be filled along with an authorisation from the panel of doctors and specialists and their reports which confirm the treatment that is undertaken by the insured.

Step 5 - The insurer will verify the details as submitted by the network hospital or the insured.

Step 6 - After the completion of the medical treatment, the insured must submit a reimbursement claim along with all necessary documents and bills to the insurance company. After discharge from the hospital, the claim documents must be submitted within 30 days.

Step 7 - After the appropriate verification and approval of the documents submitted by the insured, the insurer can either accept or reject the claim.

Step 8 - Cashless hospitalisation is available at all the network hospitals as specified by the insurance company. Treatment at both network and non-network hospitals is eligible for a reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses.

Required Documents for Claim

Documents that ought to be kept in hand while filing for the claim are:

  • Health-Card and Policy Number provided by Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Claim form with properly filled details
  • Consultation documents and prescriptions given by the doctor
  • Drugs and medicines bills
  • Investigation and test reports like X-Ray, Blood and Urine Tests etc.
  • Discharge Details
  • Other important receipts and documents
  • FIR or MLC – Medico Legal Certificate in case of Accidental hospitalization
  • All original documents and receipts should be submitted

Cashless claims are normally settled in two hours, hence saving a lot of hassle. Also, Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy offers a direct and a customer-friendly claim settlement process which is done without the support of a third-party representative. This makes the entire process of settling claims hassle-free and seamless.

Required Documents to Buy the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The following documents are important and should be kept handy while purchasing the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

  • Address Proof like Aadhar card or utility bills
  • Identity Proof like PAN Card or Driving License
  • Date of Birth proof like Birth certificate
  • Medical Test reports (as required)
  • Income Proof like Banks statements or salary slips.

How to Buy Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy?

Buying a Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy is quite simple and merely a four-step procedure if someone is buying online. One can buy the policy from as well. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official website at enter the personal details and choose the most favourable Plan Option

Step 2: Then the specifications and coverages of the policy should be selected

Step 3: Policy Term needs to be selected which can be customised as per individual needs

Step 4: The premium quote will be generated after which the applicant must fill the available form appropriately entering the correct personal, professional and medical information and finally make the required payment.

After the verification and acceptance of the entered details, and receipt of the premium, a soft copy of the policy will be immediately generated and mailed to the applicant.

Renewal Process of Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Again, for renewing the policy, one can visit Paisawiki website. The renewal process of Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy can be categorised as below:

  • Online Renewals using the internet through the official website of
  • Renewals can also be processed by sending an SMS (toll-free) using particular codes as specified by the insurer.
  • Through an official representative present at the insurance providers' offices

Payment towards renewal of the policy can be made using online or mobile banking, or by using debit or credit card.

To process a renewal online, the policyholder must login or create his individual credentials on the official website. After logging in he should click on ‘'Renew Policy' and make the payment of the required premium.

Steps of Renewal through

This can be done by clicking upon the 'Renewal Premium Payment' tab on the hope page of the website. The insured also needs to submit the registered email id, date of birth, policy number and other vital details after which the digital receipt or the acknowledgment slip of the premium payment made by the policyholder will be issued and emailed to him. If he/she has chosen the advance premium payment option, in this case the adjustment of the due date of the premium will be done first, after which the receipt of the renewal will be generated.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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