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United India Senior Citizen Policy
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

United India Senior Citizen Policy

Insurance policies provided at a later stage in life are a blessing in disguise for senior citizens who suffer more due to deteriorating health, loss of income, incapacity to work hard, and the inability to maintain their savings. Senior Citizen Health Insurance by United India Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the most popular plans that promise an insurance investment and stable financial security to the elderly in case of medical contingencies. The future regarding their health is bleak, and the chances of recurring medical expenses are much higher. To counter the same and protect senior citizens' financial ability during sickness, injury, or accident, the senior citizen health insurance policy comes as an ideal solution providing peace of mind. 

What is the United India Senior Citizen Policy?

This United India health insurance plan is specifically designed for senior citizens between the age of 61 and 80 years. The plan is easily available and can be purchased at an affordable price from online and offline sources on the individual, and family floater basis providing vast coverage for medical expenses like drugs and medicines, hospitalization, surgery, ICU expenses, nursing, consultation, pre and post hospitalization, and much more. It provides family savings, a free look period, and tax benefits, which allure the common man to invest more in the health of the elderly.

Features of United India Senior Citizen Policy

Some of the alluring features that come under the list of coverage are:

  • Consultation fees and charges paid towards the doctor, anesthetic, specialist, surgeon, consultant, etc.
  • Cost of medical imperatives like medicines and drugs, blood, anesthesia, oxygen, blood transfusion, IV fluids, RMO charges, injection costs, administration fees, etc.
  • Costs of diagnostic and test reports like X-Rays, etc.
  • Daycare procedures like radiotherapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Major surgeries like a brain tumor, cancer, cardiac surgeries, sick sinus syndrome, implantation of a pacemaker, etc.
  • Cost of accessories like prosthetics, artificial limbs, orthopedic implants, valve replacements, pacemaker, etc.
  • Donor expenses except for the cost of the organs

Exclusions of the United India Senior Citizen Policy

The policy doesn’t offer coverage for the expenses incurred for the below:

  • Any medical treatment that has been undertaken by the insured within the first 30 days of procuring the policy is not covered.
  • Any pre-existing disease with a waiting period of 4 years, if medical expenses incurred on the same within the first four years will be excluded.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS, and others are not covered.
  • Dental treatment or optical surgeries is excluded.
  • Expenses incurred on spectacles, contact lenses, dental accessories, crutches, collars, hearing aids, walkers, diabetic footwear, etc.
  • Any vitamin supplements or tonics that are taken otherwise, over and above the doctor's medical and prescribed treatment, are excluded.
  • Self-inflicted injury, suicide, or self-proclaimed illnesses are not covered.
  • Congenital diseases for the first 2 years are not covered.
  • Any illness or injury occurring out of war terrorism, nuclear attack, or other warlike operations etc. remain out of the coverage list.
  • Naturopathy treatment like therapies, acupressure, acupuncture is excluded.
  • Rest cure, weakness, general debility, run-down conditions, convalescence etc. are not covered.
  • Two years of exclusion of certain diseases like hypertrophy, osteoarthritis hernia, calculus, cataract, hysterectomy, joint replacement, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Any injury or illness under the influence of intoxication of drugs or alcohol or any illegal activity.
  • Vaccination or inoculation of any kind is not covered.
  • Circumcision, plastic, or cosmetic surgery etc. are not covered.
  • Psychiatric and mental disorders are excluded.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, or maternity-related issues are excluded.
  • Any treatment that is unproven or non-prescribed/unspecified as per terms and condition of the policy is not covered.

Benefits of the United India Senior Citizen Policy

The policy comes with the following benefits, which make the policy worth for buying:



Tax Benefits

Tax exemption on the premium paid towards the Senior citizen health insurance policy up to Rs 20000 allowed in the specific financial year under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.



Premium paid towards the policy for self, spouse, dependent children also subject to tax exemptions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Hospitalization Benefit


1% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less) allowed on room rent, boarding and nursing expenditure

ICU charges

2% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less)

Pre-hospitalization Expenses


Medical expenses incurred by the policyholder during 30 days before the actual hospitalization of the insured for up to 10% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less)


Post-hospitalization Expenses


Medical expenses incurred by the policyholder during 60 days after the discharge from the hospital of the insured for up to 10% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less)

Hernia, Cataract, Hysterectomy

25% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less)

Major illnesses or critical surgeries

70% of the sum insured or the actual amount (whichever is less)


Permissible in a ratio of 80-20 as a total package for all major diseases, sickness, injuries, and illnesses


Day Care Procedures

Specific procedures which require hospitalization for less than 24 hours


Ambulance Cover

Ambulance charges - maximum of Rs.2500/- payment of additional premium of Rs.100/-

Daily Cash Allowance

Hospital daily cash benefit of Rs.250 or Rs 500 per day to a maximum of Rs. 2500 or Rs.5000 on payment of an additional premium of Rs.150 or Rs. 300.


AYUSH Treatment

Non-allopathic medication and treatment which includes, homeopathic treatment, Siddha, Unani and Ayurveda treatment took only at a Government approved hospital or institute which is recognized and registered by the Government, or it is accredited by Quality Council of National Accreditation Board on Health.


Cashless Hospitalisation

7000 plus network hospitals across PAN India to avail cashless benefits


5% on the premium paid towards the insurance policy if the plan is taken for self and any of the family members like spouse, dependent child or dependent parent, etc.


Free Look Period

15-days free look period allowed within which the policyholder, if not satisfied with the type of policy or its terms and conditions, can give it up and claim reimbursement of the premium paid towards it


Free Medical Screening

A free check-up is awarded after running the policy successfully, without any gaps in premium payment or renewing the policy to maintain the same policyholder's continuity


No Claim Bonus

If no claim has been made on the policy for three consecutive years of holding the plan, 1% of the basic sum insured is applicable either as an enhancement in sum insured or can be adjusted in the medical check-up

Domiciliary Hospitalisation

If the insured, due to an acceptable reason as specified under the terms and conditions of the policy, undertakes hospitalization or nursing at home instead of in the hospital, this facility is well covered under this plan


*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws

*all savings offered by the insurer are as per the IRDAI approval. Standard T&C apply.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy the United India Senior Citizen Policy

The minimum eligibility conditions to buy this policy are:




Age (senior citizens)

61 years

80 years (the policy can be covered for individuals above 80 years old provided the same policy is renewed without a single break in continuity.


Sum Insured

Rs 1 lakh

Rs 3 Lakh

Tenure of the Policy

1 year

1 year

Claim Process of the United India Senior Citizen Policy

Under this plan, two types of claims can be made:

Claims Made under Network Hospitals

  • Step 1 – Claim Assistance

Can be done by sending an email to the concerned department, calling at the helpline number, or by contacting the nearest branch of the insurance company.

  • Step 2 – Claim Intimation

Claim intimation should be done for a Planned case - At least 48 hrs prior to hospitalization and for Emergency cases- Within 24 hrs of hospitalization. While intimating, the following information should be kept handy to assist the customer care department in proceeding with the claim:

  • Duly filled pre-authorization or claim form is to be filled and submitted along with the health card or a copy of the policy.
  • Policy Number
  • ID card no
  • Name of insured
  • Nature of disease, injury, illness, and name and address of the hospital, attending medical practitioner or doctor, etc.
  • Step 3 – Claim Processing

When the claim has been registered, a claim reference number or a claim intimation number will be provided. The details and information submitted by the insured are further investigated by the insurer and finally approves it (if all conditions are met).

  • Step 4 – Claim Settlement

The insurance company makes cashless settlement of expenses, and the insured does not have to pay for any expense from his pocket (other than personal and non-inclusive expenses)

Claims Made under Non-Network Hospitals

In case of reimbursement claim, the first three steps remain the same.

  • Step 4 – Claim Settlement

The medical bills and charges are initially paid by the insured and are later reimbursed by the insurance company after the insured submits all the relevant information and documents.

Important documents to be submitted along with a duly filled and signed claim form for claim settlement are:

  • Copy of health card or Policy copy
  • Duly filled claim form
  • KYC of the policyholder
  • 1st consultation certificate or the Investigation reports of the doctor
  • Hospital discharge note
  • Operation Theatre Notes
  • Hospital main and break-up bill
  • General Investigation reports
  • Investigation reports on CT scans, MRI scans, USG or HPE
  • Doctor's reference prescription
  • ECG report
  • Pharmacy, medicines and drugs bills
  • MLC & Police FIR if applicable
  • Original death summary (if applicable) from the hospital.

How to Buy the United India Senior Citizen Policy?

There are two simple ways to purchase the Senior Citizen Policy from United India:

Offline Method

One can visit the nearest branch and fill an application form and discuss the relevant details and basic know-how regarding the policy and plan with an official representative of the insurance company. It is imperative to carry all necessary documentation as specified.

Online Method

The applicant needs to visit the official website. However, buying through is the easiest way. One just needs to visit the website and follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Step 1: Visit the website and go to the ‘Health Insurance’ section. Click on ‘Buy’.
  • Step 2: Next, the online proposal/application form needs to be filled.
  • Step 3 – After proceeding, all relevant personal details need to be filled in like age gender, income source, profession, etc.
  • Step 4 – Then, the person needs to select the desired policy and just click on buy.
  • Step 5 – Finally, payment toward the premium of the desired policy needs to be paid online through debit/credit card, NEFT, IMPS, or other online modes. A soft copy of the plan will be immediately sent out the registered email id of the applicant.

Required Documents to Buy the United India Senior Citizen Plan

To purchase a new policy from United India Insurance Co. Ltd., the following documents should be submitted:

  • ID proof like Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving License, etc.
  • Address Proof like Aadhaar card, Utility Bills, Ration Card, Passport, etc.
  • Age Proof like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card, etc.
  • Income Proof- Salary slip, Form 16, bank statement, bank passbook, etc.
  • A passport-sized photograph

Renewal Process of the United India Senior Citizen Policy

If the insured has paid the requisite premium to the insurance company before the expiry of the policy's tenure, renewal can be initiated. The Insurance Company has the right to deny renewal on the basis of any kind of fraud, misrepresentation, or suppression depicted by the policyholder. After the policy's expiry, a grace period of 30 days is given to the insured during which the renewability should be processed or else the plan stands lapsed, and fresh insurance will have to be issued. During this period, if any claim arises, the insurance company will not be liable to pay for the same.

One can renew the policy through online or offline. Also, renewing the policy from is extremely easy.

  • Step 1 – The insured must visit the official site and click on the ‘Renewal’ tab under the Health Insurance column.
  • Step 2 – Then, he/she must select the 'Renew Health Insurance Policy' option, and fill in the 20-digit policy number.
  • Step 3 – Next is to update the customer ID to complete the renewal of the policy.
  • Step 4 – The last step is payment, which can be done using any of the common modes like mobile banking, net banking, card payment, NEFT, etc.


Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 09 April 2021

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