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A Short Handbook to buy Life Insurance for Smokers

Life insurance is a form of insurance wherein a policyholder pays a regular amount of money called an insurance premium. The family of the deceased policyholder will receive this premium along with the sum assured.

Many-a-times, it happens that customers hide the fact from insurance companies that they are addicted to smoking. However, a pre-conditional health check-up, reveals the truth. Concealing of information may complicate the policy claim process if the insurance company finds out the truth after the death of the insured.

A smoker has a probability of dying earlier in comparison to a non- smoking person. Keeping this in mind, the insurance companies are now in the market with an array of Life Insurance for Smokers.

Therefore, any individual who has a habit of smoking should avail of a specially designed Life Insurance for Smokers.

Types of Smokers

Categorizing smokers into different types or kinds depends on their smoking habits. The insurance companies have differentiated smokers into three different categories:

  • A typical smoker

    Smoker of this kind faces minor health problems. In this case, the premiums charged will be slightly costlier in comparison to a preferred smoker.

  • A Preferred smoker

    Smoker of this kind is the one who is overall fit but with a habit of smoking. This smoker pays the least premium.

  • A Table-rated smoker

    Smoker of this kind has a severe lousy health condition due to smoking. Since the person is already facing a health issue, the insurance company looks towards minimizing the risks. Therefore, the premium paid by this kind of smoke, as well as is a life insurance plan term, is the highest among all three types.

List of Plans

The insurance companies have come up with a variety of plans for Life Insurance for Smokers. Listed below are some of the plans which are preferred by smokers. These plans also include penalties for providing incorrect information to the insurer, not considering whether one is smoking or not. Also, premiums charged to smokers are generally higher as compared to the regular insurance premiums because of the involvement of a high level of risk.

Popular and affordable Life Insurance for Smokers

Name of the plan Annual Premium (Rs)  
  Smoker Non-smoker
Digi Life Plan 8,860 5,980
Online Life Plan Plus 7,975 5,674
Life Shield Plus Plan 10,495 7,396
IProtect Smart Plus Plan 12,130 6,840
3D Life Plus Option 12,112 6,827
Supreme Life Maha Raksha Plan 9,918 7,680
Protect Goal Smart Life Plan 6,227 4,469
Mera Life Plan 8,329 6,264
Life Plan + I Select 8,205 5,198
E-Life Plan 8,270 5,556
Life Plan + Zindagi 7,221 5,045
E-Life Plan 7,212 5,045
ILife Plan 7,454 4,258
Online Flexi Life Plan 7,974 5,269
Smart Comprehensive Life Plan 10,084 8,135
E-Shield Life Plan 14,413 8,537
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Features of Life Insurance for Smokers

Life Insurance for Smokers' plans varies from one insurance company to another. But here are some of the general characteristics of this Life Insurance for Smokers policies:

  • Minimum age of entry - typically 18 years of age
  • The maximum period of policy coverage - 75 years of age

  • Minimum policy term – anywhere between 5 to 10 years

  • Maximum policy term – anywhere between 30 to 40 years

  • Minimum sum assured – anywhere between Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs

  • Maximum sum assured – Limitless amount

  • Premiums – to be paid annually

How to and who can apply for Life Insurance for Smokers?

A person can apply online as well as offline for buying Life Insurance for Smokers.

The online procedure is simple enough. One can visit the insurance company website, follow the steps for application, upload related documents, choose an online mode of payment, and pay the premium online. The policy reaches the insured via email.

For offline applications, a person can approach an agent and fill-up the form after choosing a particular plan. Submit the related documents and a cheque or cash towards payment of the first installment of premium. The agent then visits the nearest branch office of the company and completes the procedure. The insured gets the policy via an agent or at home.

Things one should consider while buying Life Insurance for Smokers

  • A person should necessarily be an Indian citizen residing in India
  • The nominee shall receive the sum assured if the policyholder dies during the policy period

  • Unless the company policy, if the policyholder stays alive till the end of the policy period, there will be no maturity benefits to the nominee

What is the best plan for Life Insurance for Smokers?

It is a plan which secures the policyholder's family in case of death, a disease, or a disability. The plan must be highly cost-effective and comprehensive enough to make sure that the policyholder's family is cared for with the sum assured payment.

Effects of not Providing Correct Information

Upon finding a client to be concealing any information regarding the habit of smoking or any health issue relating to it, the client could face the following charges:

  • The insurance company can be liable for fraud if any person has kept back any relevant to smoking addiction information
  • Holding back any information can also lead to a cancellation of the policy, or the company may declare it as invalid

  • Retaining any information can also lead to a company's denial of imparting the policy's maturity benefits


  • Q: Why is the premium of Life Insurance for Smokers more expensive?

    Ans: Smokers are more vulnerable to early death, in contrast to non-smokers. Thus, they are likely to claim life insurance. This probability of declaring a guarantee makes the insurance policy more expensive as the insured who is a smoker is a more significant risk to the insurer.
  • Q: How will the insurer know that the insured has a habit of smoking?

    Ans: Pre-requisite medical check-up usually reveals the truth of the insured being a smoker. Also, contacting the General Practitioner for the insured's medical history helps explain certain habits of the insured.
  • Q: Does being a smoker affect life insurance?

    Ans: Yes. Life Insurance for Smokers is high due to the high rate of risk involved. Also, the premium charged is higher than that of a non-smoker.
  • Q: What if a person used to smoke earlier but does not smoke anymore?

    Ans: In case the person used to smoke in the past but does not burn presently, then too, he/she is as good as a smoker.

    If a person has given up smoking for more than a year, the insurance company must be informed to lower the premiums. However, the insured may have to submit medical proof. Also, in such a case, the insurer may offer a new competitive plan to the insured.

  • Q: Does a person have to disclose that he/she is a smoker?

    Ans: Yes. In case of a failure to disclose an essential fact in your application form, it will be as good as committing insurance fraud.
    • The insurer would end up paying only a part of the benefit coinciding with the amount of premium paid as against the amount paid if the person had declared himself or herself as a smoker
    • The insurer can consider the policy invalid or refuse to pay the amount of claim
    • Criminal prosecution
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