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HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus

HDFC Click to Protect Plus is a non-linked and non-participating term insurance plan. It comes with two rider plans, namely HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider and HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider.

It is an online term insurance plan that has a unique benefit structure that is aimed at providing the policyholders with a future without worries at affordable premium rates. This plan is multifaceted; hence it protects you and your family from several uncertainties of life. There are a variety of cover options, which may be further customized while keeping in mind your particular needs. The Income and Income Plus options of this plan provide the policyholder's dependents with a monthly income after the policyholder's demise.

The following qualities make HDFC Click to Protect Plus an ideal term insurance plan that protects your family's future:

  • Availability of whole life cover.
  • Lump-sum pay-outs that are available upon the policyholder's death or upon being diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Selected options come with survival benefits present in them.
  • There are nine different plan options, along with two additional riders.
  • There are options to receive a fixed monthly income for continued financial stability.

Features of HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus

There are some of the salient features and core benefits that make HDFC Click to Protect Plus one of the best-suited term insurance plans. Let us discuss the features and benefits in detail:

For HDFC Click to Protect Plus term insurance plan, the benefit payable upon the death of the policyholder depends upon the chosen cover option. The plan comes with three different options for paying a premium, which is regular, limited, and single pay.

There are also four different cover options available that you can choose from, which are:

  • Life Option
  • Extra Life Option
  • Income Option
  • Income Plus Option

Policy Details of HDFC Click to Protect Plus

Following are the details of HDFC Click to Protect Plus Policy:

  •  Grace Period:

There is the allowance of a fifteen-day grace period for the monthly mode of premium payment and 30 days for the other modes.

  •  Benefit from Surrender/Policy Termination:

The policyholder may surrender HDFC Click to Protect Plus plan and avail the surrender value in case of term insurance policies with a single premium only. The surrender value, in that case, will be 70% of the single premium.

  •  Free Look Period:

If the policyholder is not satisfied with the coverage, terms, and conditions of this plan, s/he may cancel the policy within a month of receiving the policy documents, if no claims have been made.

Benefits of HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus

Here is a rundown to some of the core benefits of HDFC Click to Protect Plus.

1: In case of the Life Option within HDFC Click to Protect Plus, the assured sum will be paid upon death of the policyholder.
2: In case of the Extra Life Option within HDFC Click to Protect Plus, the assured sum will be paid upon the accidental death of the policyholder.
3: In case of the Life Option within HDFC Click to Protect Plus, an additional assured sum will be paid under the Income Option, where 10% of the benefit payable upon death is paid in lump-sum upon the death of the policyholder. The rest of the amount will be paid in equalized monthly instalments across a 15 years long post-death period.
4: In case of the Income Plus Option within HDFC Click to Protect Plus, the entire benefit is payable upon death. However, additional pay-outs equalized at 0.5% of the assured sum will be paid monthly over a 10-year term.
5: According to the option chosen, additional pay-outs may be levelled pay-outs or increasing pay-outs, which increase at a rate of 10% per annum.
6: In the HDFC Click to Protect Plus plan, under Single Premium option, the death benefit is decided to be higher of 125% of Single Premium or Sum Assured for the single premium plans.
7: Under the Regular Premium plan, it can also be the higher one between 10 times the annual premium or Sum Assured or the 105% of all of the premiums that have been paid until the policyholder's demise.
8: Income tax benefits are available upon the paid premium, according to Section 80C and on the received claims according to Section 10(10D) of the 1961 Income Tax Act.

What is Not Covered in HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus?

Suicide Clause: If the policyholder's death is caused by suicide within a timeframe of 12 months from the beginning of the date of risk under the policy, otherwise from the date of revival of policy as applicable, the policyholder's nominee or the beneficiary will be getting at least 80% of the total premiums that have been paid till the date of death. If the policy is in force, this or the available surrender value as on the date of death, whichever is higher, will be paid to the beneficiary.

Additional Exclusions under the options of Extra Life and Extra Life Income: Accidental death benefit will not be paid if the death takes place after 180 days from the date of the accident. The accidental death benefit will not be paid if the death is indirectly/directly caused due to any of the following reasons:

  • Intentionally inflicted injury/suicide, whether or not there is a mental condition.

  • Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or self-administration of medications without the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

  • War, hostilities, invasion, civil war, revolution, rebellion, or involvement in riot/civil commotion.

  • Flying, except as a passenger in an aircraft that is commercially licensed.

  • Taking part in any act of a criminal nature with criminal intent.

  • Taking part or practising any adventure sports, hazardous hobby, or race, if not referred to the insurer previously in writing and agreed to by them.

  • Any critical illness conditions where death takes place within a month of diagnosis.

  • Any condition arising out of sickness that manifests itself within three months of policy commencement or the date on which the acceptance of risk takes place or the cover is reinstated.

  • Voluntarily ingesting/using any medication, drug, or sedative unless it is of "over the counter" nature.

  • Sedative or medication not taken as per package directions.

  • Not following the prescriptions/medical advice, as recommended by a medical practitioner.

  • Undertaking criminal activities, or acting with criminal intent.

  • Presence of HIV/AIDS.

  • Failure in seeking timely medical advice.

  • Radioactive contamination because of nuclear accidents.

Eligibility for HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus

As per the product specifications of HDFC Click to Protect Plus plan, the minimum entry age for a potential policyholder is 18 years (according to the last birthday), while the maximum entry age for a potential policyholder is 65 years (according to the last birthday).

The age of maturity for an extant policyholder is from 28 years at a minimum to 75 years at a maximum (according to the last birthday). The policy term may range from 10 years to 40 years.

As for the Premium Paying Term (PPT), for regular payment plans, it is equal to the policy term. For limited pay or single pay plans, it may be similar to the policy term or five years. The premium paying frequency can be annual, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

Riders of HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus Plan

Below are some of the available additional features/riders of HDFC Click to Protect Plus

The riders for “Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider” and “Critical Illness Plus” are not included

  • Lower premium rates for policyholders that are not users of tobacco
  • Life Stage Protection feature allows the assured sum to be increased based on significant life situations, such as marriage or childbirth
  • In the case of marriage, 50% of the assured sum may be increased
  • In the case of each childbirth, 25% of the assured may be increased
  • Additional coverage may be decreased after the policyholder reaches 45 years. This will eventually lower the rates of future premiums

Policy Renewal of HDFC Click to Protect Plus

Renewal of HDFC Click to Protect Plus may be done by any of the following modes:

  • Online through the internet
  • Through sending toll-free SMS with specific codes
  • Through the personnel present at HDFC Branches
  • Payment may be made online, through debit/credit card, net banking or by cash through the intermediaries

For the online renewal process, the policyholder has to log in to his or her account on the official webpage, then click upon the ‘Renew Policy’ tab and proceed with the payment of requisite premium.

This can be done by clicking upon the 'Renewal Premium Payment' option right on the Home Page, then submitting the specific Policy Number, registered Email ID, and Date of Birth. The digital payment acknowledgement slip would then be sent to this registered Email ID.

If the policyholder chooses to opt Advance Premium Payment, the renewal receipt will be generated only after allocation/adjustment upon the due date of premium.

Alternatively, the policyholder can choose to renew policy processing by using HDFC kiosks and selecting specific options for renewal processing.

Claim Process for HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus

Before you choose the term insurance plan that is right for you, it is essential to get to know the process of claim settlement, as it differs from company to company. 

Documents that ought to be kept at hand while filing for the claim are:

  • Original policy document
  • Claim Form (All relevant fields must be accurately filled)
  • Original/Attested Death Certificate by relevant government officials, which must state the exact cause of death
  • Address proof of the claimant
  • Photo Identity Proof of the claimant
  • Bank Pass Book of the claimant or cancelled cheque or bank statement

Apart from submitting the documents mentioned above, the beneficiary needs to provide a written mandate for HDFC to be allowed to transfer the amount claimed to the bank account of the nominee through NEFT.

Once the beneficiary of the policy submits the claim form along with essential documents, the insurance company will verify the claim form. After verifying the form thoroughly, the insurance company processes the claim and transfers the sum assured to the beneficiary’s account.

How to Buy the HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus Plan?

A prospective policyholder may buy this plan from any online agglomeration website or the official website of HDFC Life. It is merely a four-step procedure to buy an HDFC Click to Protect Plus plan, and the process is as follows:

Step 1: Here you choose your Plan Option

Step 2: Here you choose the specifications involving the Sum Assured, Extra Life Sum Assured, Lumpsum Benefit, Rate of increase of income, Annual Income, and Income period

Step 3: Here you choose your customized Policy Term

Step 4: Now, it is time to customize your plan and generate an approximate premium quote. To this end, you need to do the following things:

  • Fill in your Age in the required field
  • Fill in your Gender in the required field
  • Answer the question on whether or not you consume tobacco
  • Select the requisite button to generate a premium quote
  • Fill in the personal details
  • Answer some questions on lifestyle, occupation, health and your family’s medical history
  • Next fill in the nomination details
  • Then the policy terms and conditions need to be accepted
  • Provide the other relevant information
  • Finally, you need to pay your premium

Once it is verified and accepted, the policy document will be sent to the policyholder. Subsequently, the policyholder needs to pay the premium based on application as per the policy terms & conditions.

Required Documents for HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus Plan

The following documents are essential and should be kept at hand while purchasing HDFC Click to Protect Plus plan:

  • Proof of Address: Aadhaar card, rental agreement, passport, and others
  • Proof of Identity: Aadhaar card, passport, PAN card, driving license, ration card
  • Proof of Age:  Birth certificate, matriculation certificate, Aadhaar card, and others
  • Latest medical reports
  • Proof of Income: Income Tax Return statement, salary slip issued by the finance officer or the HR

HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus - FAQs

  • Q1. What if the policyholder doesn’t pay the premium?

    A1. In case of non-payment of due premiums by the policyholder, the option of grace period comes into force. A grace period is the additional time provided for premium payment after the due date has passed. During this period, the concerned policy is still considered to be valid, along with the risk cover. The grace period is valid until 30 days after the due date for premiums is over for quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. In case the premium is to be paid every month, the grace period will extend until 15 days after the due date for premiums is over.

    If there is the situation of a valid claim arising during the grace period, before the payment of the due premium, since the concerned policy is still in force, the insurers will hold this claim valid. Under such circumstances, the due/unpaid premium is deducted from the payable benefit.

    Under the circumstance of the premium still being unpaid at the very end of the grace period, the policy will lapse. All of the applied risk covers then cease, and none of the benefits will be paid in case of such lapsed policies.

    Upon the discontinuation of premium payment, if the timeframe of the policy has still not acquired any surrender value, the policy will lapse without any value. Upon the discontinuation of premium payment, if the timeframe of the policy has acquired surrender value, the benefits payable upon death will be provided as per the regulations. This payable benefit is provided based upon the earlier occurrence between that of death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

    Upon the discontinuation of premium payment, in case of the policy having acquired the surrender value, maturity benefit will be paid as per the regulations.

  • Q2. Can the policyholder surrender the plan?

    A2. Yes, the policyholder may choose to surrender the plan, provided that no claims have been made during the policy being in force. Surrender values will then be payable within the policy term. All of the possible surrender values are described below and are guaranteed. Special surrender values are equalized to the corresponding guaranteed surrender values.

    In the case of single premium policies, the surrender value is immediately acquired upon the payment of the one single lump-sum premium. On the other hand, for the limited and regular payment option policies, the surrender value is acquired upon the payment of regularized premiums for two years. In that case, the term premium payment has to be less than 10. The option called Return of Premium must be selected. For the other cases, the surrender value is acquired upon the payment of premiums for the tenure of 3 years.

  • Q3. Who receives the payable benefit of the term insurance plan?

    A3. The payable benefit generated upon the first occurrence of either the diagnosis of terminal illness or death is paid to the policyholder's nominee (upon death) or the policyholder (in case of disease).

  • Q4. How to choose a nominee?

    A4. As per Section 39 of the 1938 Indian Insurance Act, the policyholder may nominate someone who can receive the policy benefit upon the policyholder's demise. During the policyholder's lifetime, while the policy purchased by her or she is in-force, he or she may at any given time, through a written notice to the insurer, determine any one person or multiple persons as a nominee to whom the insurer is bound to pay the benefits under the policy purchased, in case of the policyholder's unfortunate demise or diagnosis of a terminal illness. 

    If the policyholder chooses to assign the policy, as per the Section 38 of the 1938 Indian Insurance Act, any nomination requested by the policyholder will be annulled.

  • Q5. What are the Indirect & Direct Taxes involved with this policy?

    • Indirect Taxes: Some indirect taxes will be levied as applicable according to the terms and conditions. The payment can be made by any method, including the levy of additional monetary amount along with the premium and/or charges.
    • Direct Taxes: Direct taxes will be deducted as per the applicable rate regarding the payments that are made under the policy, as per the 1961 Income-tax Act.
  • Q6. What are the different alterations that can be made to this policy?

    A6. While the policy term and the premium payment term cannot be altered, the payment frequency of premiums can be altered.

  • Q7. Are there any policy loans available?

    A7. No, there is zero availability of policy loans.

  • Q8. What is the procedure for the revival of this policy in case of it getting lapsed?

    A8. The policyholder may choose to revive the lapsed policy within the five consecutive years of the policy lapsing, which is subject to the time-specific terms and conditions determined by the insurer. Once the policy has been revived, the policyholder may receive all of the contractual benefits that were initially opted for.

  • Q9. What are the tax benefits that can be availed by the purchasing of this plan?

    A9. The premiums that are paid by any individual or any HUF for this plan will be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Such benefits will be subject to the limits/conditions that are therein specified. According to Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the received benefits out of this policy will be exempted from taxes, which is also subject to the conditions therein specified. However, it must be noted that the benefits mentioned above will be as per the current tax rules. The tax benefits might change in case the extant tax rules undergo any changes. Therefore the policyholder is advised to consult their tax advisor regarding the same.

  • Q10. How can I contact the Insurer in case of any clarification or issue?

    A10. The registered office of HDFC Life headquarters is at Lodha Excellus, Mumbai 400 011. For any clarification or grievances, the policyholder may visit their office or write to them. Otherwise, they may e-mail them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for purchasing a new policy. Alternatively, he or she may call them on the toll-free number 18002669777, on all seven days of the week, from 9 am to 9 pm. In case of any in-progress applications that are post-payment in nature, the policyholder may e-mail them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, he or she may call them on the toll-free number 18002660315, on all seven days of the week, from 10 am to 7 pm.

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