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Step by Step LIC Login Process

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The Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the public sector life insurance companies in India and has been in business for decades. The government of India through LIC has provided insurance services to millions of customers and the diverse insurance products created by the insurance provider caters to the needs of the millions of customers. Insurance has become so synonymous with LIC that people consider insurance as LIC.

On September 1, 1956, The Government of India passed a resolution to nationalize the insurance companies in India, and nearly 245 companies were merged to form the Life Insurance Corporation of India. And since then, the company has garnered a tremendous amount of business, giving life insurance to thousands and providing people in the remotest of areas the opportunities to get their life insured and get financial independence for their families. The company headquarters is in Mumbai and has 2048 full functional computerized offices and 1408 Satellite Offices. All the branches and divisional offices work tirelessly to provide services to the customers.

As of 2019, the life insurance corporation of India had 28.3 trillion rupees of total life fund, and the value of the policies sold in 2018-2019 is 21.4 million rupees. The company has an excellent financial position, and that's the reason it settled humongous claims of 26 million in the financial year 2018-2019.

With the launch of online services by LIC, it has become possible for the millions of customers to get their queries resolves without going to the office. The LIC e-services portal handles a range of services, and every policyholder can get their work done just by using the login credentials and submit the details online.

LIC Online Portal: Advantages

The boom in internet use and easy availability has simplified the services for people. Almost every industry has a website and is catering to its customers in every way possible. The insurance industry is no exception to this boom in the internet space, and all the companies are working 24*7 to provide services to their existing customers. Life insurance corporation provides seamless service to the customer post-sales, and the services which were only available at the offices of the insurance provider can now be availed online while sitting at home.

With only policy number in hand and the login credentials available with the customer, it is possible to check the insurance products and get services from the insurer. To use the services, one has to go through the login process, and the below services will be available in no time. One can be in any part of the world and can still look into their account and get a series of services online.

  • Register online for availing the LIC e-Services
  • Make online payments for the policies through a safe and convenient payment portal
  • Check the schedule of the policy premiums and
  • Check the status of the policy
  • Check the status of the policy bonus
  • Keep updated about the claims filed by the nominee
  • One can also check the loan status filed against the policy
  • It is easy to get a quote for the revision of the policy
  • Keep yourself updated by the upcoming premiums and the due dates and avoid missing out on the premium payment
  • Register any complaint and grievance regarding the policy and any other service availed Check for the nearest LIC branch and regional office
  • Check the status of the complaint and follow up to get an immediate resolution
  • History of the claims filed by an individual is also available online
  • Policy bond and other necessary details are also available online and can be used by the policyholder
  • The policyholder can read the terms and conditions and the policy details

The Registration Process on LIC Portal for the New User

To use the services of LIC, the first step is getting registered with the current policy and creating an online account on the LIC portal. The following steps will be required by the policyholder to get registered on the website.

Step 1: Visit the official website of LIC India.

Step 2: Under the online services tab, customer portal option is available.

Step 3: The website will redirect to a page to either select a new user or a registered user.

Step 4: Select the New User option to proceed with the LIC login process.

Step 5: Create the account' page will open up from the website.

Step 6: Following details on this page will be required to register for a new account, please keep these details handy for faster registration:

  • LIC policy number
  • The premium amount of the installments
  • Date of birth of the policyholder
  • The registered contact number of the insured
  • Email address is required for registration
  • Gender: Male, Female or others
  • Passport number if available with the insured

Step 7: Other than the passport details, all the fields are mandatory for the registration on the portal.

Step 8: Select the Proceed button, after filling all the required details on the portal.

Step 9: Choose a Username and Password for creating the account on the new portal that opens up.

Step 10: The account creation process is complete with the username and password.

Step 11: The newly created credentials can be used to login to the portal and use for the online services available with LIC.

LIC Login Online Step by Step Login Process in LIC New Portal

One must hold a valid life insurance policy from the LIC to be able to use the services. By using the online services from LIC, it becomes easier to access all the services available and get the details of the current policy and claim status without going to the insurer office.

Step 1: The first step is to register for the services on the LIC official portal, and the steps discussed above would surely help in creating an account.

Step 2: Visit the LIC official portal with the login credentials handy.

Step 3: Check out the link to the LIC e-Services on the portal. This is the place where all the services are available.

Step 4: Select the registered user option.

Step 5: The website opens the login page, use the User ID or registered mobile number, password, and date of birth to get access to the account.

Step 6: The system will check the details and then it will allow the user to log in.

Step 7: With the successful signing in, the portal will make available a plethora of services provided by the LIC and the user can choose the services to their avail.

How to Use LIC's Portal Online?

To use the LIC e-services, one has to visit the official portal of the life insurance corporation of India. The portal is available only for the people who hold a policy from the LIC and who have registered for the services. Visit the official website of the LIC to login to the portal and by using the credentials created at the time of registration, user id, and password. The system will evaluate the credentials from the database and present the account services to the user.

All the policies under the name of the user are visible in the same account; the user can also associate the policies to one account and use the services for any of the policies. With online services, it becomes easier for the policyholder to take control of the details and services offered by the insurer. Below are the services users can avail after login to the account.

  • Check your claim status of the policies
  • Online payment of premium through safe and secured payment methods
  • Online renewal of the policy
  • Adding nominee to the policy
  • Online registration of a claim by submitting the documents
  • Online Policy status
  • Availing insurance quotation for the new policies
  • Checking the details of the latest products launched by life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Complaint registration regarding the policies and the services offered by LIC
  • Checking loan status
  • Policy conditions and other features of the existing policies and new updates from the insurance provider

Eligibility to Register for LIC Online Services

Only in the following scenarios, a user can register to avail the services of the insurance provider. Please note that there is no additional fee charged by the life insurance corporation to get the online services. Online services are available for any policyholder and must be used for any time and anywhere services.

  • All the old and new policyholders of Life Insurance Corporation can use the services by registering on the portal
  • The insurer charges no additional cost for the online services
  • Spouse registration cannot be done along with the policyholder but can be registered separately
  • For the policy in the name of a minor, the guardians or parents can register themselves on the portal. Once the minor turns 18, he/she can get a separate user-id to avail the services by logging in to the portal
  • A married couple has to register to the portal individually as joint accounts are not available in the LIC portal

Recovering the Password for LIC Login

There are times when a user forgets the password to the portal, and in such a scenario, it becomes tough to access the services. At times when the policy renewal and the premium payment is approaching, it is essential to have the credentials ready to use the online services.

To retrieve the password of the portal, one has to visit the LIC login portal page. The portal asks for details like date of birth, user id, and password. On the same page, there is a link available as forgot id/ password. Click on the link to open the portal for retrieving the user id and password.

The next page that opens up will ask for details like user id, date of birth, and some verification mechanism. After submitting the details, one can retrieve the password to the portal.

Online Payment Options for LIC e-Services

The online services have opened the doors for the customer to get a series of services like online premium payments, renewal of the policies, and many other services. The policyholders do not have to step out of the house and can get all the services by logging in to the LIC portal.

The following services can be paid for by the user using the online services of LIC:


Premium payment for the policy can now be made online using the payment portals available at the LIC website. Earlier, paying the premium can be done only by visiting the LIC local branch and paying the premium through cheques and challans. The portal accepts payment through a lot of mediums for the convenience of the customers

Loan Repayments

Life Insurance Corporation offers loan services on some of the policies, and one can check the details of these policies and loan interest rate by visiting the website and logging in to the portal. As the loan has to be repaid, LIC has provided services of loan repayment by online services. If a policyholder has availed loan facilities from against the insurance policy, then he/she can pay the loan amount by logging in to their web account and paying the installments

Loan Interest Due

It is easier to check the due interest and the principal amount of the loan by using the online services of the life insurance corporation. It can become a big hassle for the people to manage the loan repayment amount, and they can miss out on the installments leading to penalties from the lender. To save a policyholder from such a scenario, LIC has offered the services of loan repayment and checking the interest due amount.

Renewal Premium

The earlier practice of policy renewal required the policyholder to visit the regional office and pay the premium amount for the policy renewal. By using the online services, one can track the policy renewal date, grace period, last date of premium payment, and other services that are unable to most of the people. This personalized experience gives convenience to all the policyholders of the insurance provider.

LIC e-Services website offers payment modes through the following mediums:

  • UPI (Unified Payment Interface): One of the fastest medium for a secured payment is UPI and is being promoted by the insurance provider for online payments
  • BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)
  • Credit card like VISA, MasterCard and Amex
  • Debit cards like MasterCard, VISA and Rupay
  • Net Banking

Please note that policies that come under the salary saving scheme and for which the payment is processed through NACH (National Automated Clearing House) are unable for the premium payment using the LIC e-services. For VP2BY (Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana) and PMVVY (Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana) plans, loan repayment cannot be made via online payments. Premium payment using online services can be made a month prior to the due date of the insurance policy.

Usage Process for LIC e-Services

To use LIC e-Services after registering on the website, the following steps have to be followed by the user:

After selecting the 'LIC e-Services' options, the user ID and password that was created while registering on the portal. The portal will allow accessing the services only if the credentials are correct.

  • To be eligible for using the benefits offered through LIC e-Services, fill up the relevant form with the required details
  • If there is more than one policy, then all the policies can be added in the same portal
  • A printout of the filled up form is required to be scanned and uploaded in the portal
  • Scanned copies of the personal identification cards like Aadhaar card and Passport are to be uploaded in the portal as well. The scanned copies should be below 100KB, and in one of these formats - .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff.
  • As the last step, a confirmation message from LIC will be sent to the registered mobile number and the email id of the user

Reasons to Register Online at LIC's Website for e-Services

LIC e-Services are available for the LIC policyholders to access most of the required information on the website. Besides, they will get clarifications to their doubts and queries and obtain resolutions of their issues and grievances through LIC e-Services. All a policyholder has to do is to register on the portal with all the details that are asked for at the time of registration and get the login credentials ready. Once the credentials are ready, it becomes easy for the insured to check the details online and use the services as well.

Some of the most common e-services that are used by the policyholders on the LIC portal are mentioned below: Online premium payments

  • Policy terms and conditions at a glance
  • Details of LIC's products available in one platform
  • Detailed status details of LIC policies
  • Status details of claims
  • Status details of loans against the policyholder's name
  • The convenience of adding nominees
  • A record of complaints raised and their current status

LIC Policies available Online

There are several policies that can be bought online from the LIC, and there is no need to reach out to the LIC agent or the local office to purchase the policy. The portal contains all the details, features, inclusions and exclusion of the policy, premium amount to be paid and other necessary details required for the applicant to understand the policy in detail. With the launch of the online sales of the policies, it has become easier for the people to compare among the insurance plans and check, which will be more suitable as per their needs and requirements. In a traditional approach, that would involve visiting the different offices of the insurance providers and getting the consultation from the agents about the products and services. There are cases in which the agents have wrongly sold the policies, and that has resulted in disappointment among the policyholders. To counter such issues, many insurance companies, including Life Insurance Corporations of India, have taken a step to make the policies available online.

The online policies contain details regarding the various plans, and one can match it with their requirements and can comfortably choose to pay the premium and start the policy at the earliest.

Benefits of Buying Online LIC Policies

Some of the benefits of buying online policies are listed below:

Complete Information

Online policies detail all the aspects of the insurance plans like policy term, the sum assured, maturity benefits, grace period, renewal terms and conditions, claim process and other necessary details. As the details are mentioned on the website by the insurance provider, it gives an assurance to the applicant that the same benefits will be passed to him/her on purchasing the policy.

Online Reviews

Some people must have bought the policy before and have experience with benefits and the claim process. The reviews and ratings of those people can help the new applicants to choose the best available plans.

Other LIC Online Services

LIC has a list of services available online to cater to the need of the policyholder. Some of the important services which can help a policyholder at the time of need are mentioned below:

FAQs Section

To resolve the queries and questions of the customers, LIC has made available a list of the FAQS on the website, which talks about the various plans and the conditions associated with them. Policyholders or even the visitors of the website can read the section to understand the concerns and get a detailed explanation. It also talks about the stuck payments and cancelled payments and the steps to follow in such a scenario.

Phone Helpline

LIC has made sure that the customers can reach out to them in all the modes of communication. To assist inflexible and anytime service, a dedicated phone line number is available for the customers to resolve their queries. Check the below details for the phone numbers and services associated with them.

Customer Zones

Availability from Monday to Friday: 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.

Availability from Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

Contact the below-personalised service number to the queries resolved regarding the policies.




Change of address

Premium points

Filling up of application forms

Premium paid Certificate


Registration on LIC's Customer Portal

Life Certificate (Pension Policies)


Registration of Mobile no., emails, pin code no.

Grievance Redressal




LIC plans and benefits


For 24*7 services, customers can reach out to 022 6827 6827

Premium Calculator

The calculator is an exclusive service for the visitors and policyholders to check the premium they will have to pay for a particular policy. The calculator portal asks for personal details and policy details like the sum assured required, policy term, age of the applicant, current income and other relevant details to calculate the premium amount. It becomes easier for the applicant to decide which policy will suit their requirements based on the requirements and how much they will pay to have every year to avail of the services.

Tax Benefits

A section for the tax benefits is available on the LIC portal. It helps the policyholders in understanding the tax rebates and deductions they can get from their policies. As per the income tax rules, a premium amount of up to Rs. 1,50,000 can be decided from the taxable income.

Claim Forms

To ensure that the applicants don't have to run for the claim forms, they have made the e-forms available online. These forms can be used by the nominee of the policy to file for the claim against the policy.


  • Q1. What are the benefits of using net banking for LIC premium payment?

    Ans.  There are multiple benefits associated with payment via net banking. A policyholder can pay the premium any time 24*7 as per his/her convenience. There is no need to consult the LIC regional office while making the payment. As all the details of the policy are available online on the portal, it becomes easier for the policyholder to track the payment as well. With the LIC e-services, it has become easier to check the premium due date and make arrangements for the funds accordingly. LIC also sends reminders via email and text messages to the policyholders regarding the upcoming premium payment.

  • Q2. For which policies, can one pay the premium using the online payment facility?

    Ans. For the following policies, payment can be made using the online payment facility.

    • Policies served by the branches of LIC or the policies that can be accessed via a wide area network and metro area network
    • Policies which have the frequency of payment as Yearly (Yly), Half-yearly (Yly) or Quarterly (Qly)
    • Polices like salary savings scheme, single premium policy, ordinary monthly premium payment are not serviced by the online payment facility
    • Policies which are lapsed or have been inactive because of non-payment of the premium by the policyholder are not serviced by the online payment facility
  • Q3. What are the different methods of payment on the LIC e-services portal?

    Ans.  LIC e-Services has made it convenient for the policyholders to make payments online. There are multiple channels of payment available through e-services, and the insured can choose any of them. Payment can be done via the Unified payment interface, by using the credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Rupay. The last available method of payment is net banking.

  • Q4. Which LIC policies can be bought online?

    Ans.  LIC Jeevan Shanti, LIC Jeevan Akshay VI, LIC Cancer Cover, LIC E-Term, and LIC Navjeevan are some of the policies that are available online and can be bought directly from the web portal without involving any LIC agent.

  • Q5. How to make online premium payments on the LIC portal?

    Ans. The premium payment of a policy can be for both registered and non-registered users. Use the following details to make the payment.

    Registered Users

    For the users who are already registered, then have to visit the login page of the LIC web portal, submit the details like user id, password, and date of birth. After logging in, select the self-policies option on the portal. The portal will open up the link to pay the premiums for which the premium is due and pending. If the premium is not due, it will directly state the due date of the premium payment. Click on the premium payment and use any of the payment methods available online to make a payment. Upon successful payment, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered policyholder on the mobile number and a mail as well.

    Non-Registered User

    For the non-registered users, there is a link available on the web portal to make the premium payment. Check for the "Pay premium online" link on the web portal and then select direct payment. The option is applicable only for the users that are not registered on the LIC portal. The web page will ask for details like policy number, date of birth, email id, premium amount, and the contact details of the policyholder. Please ensure the details provided are correct and accurate, as this information will be used to fetch the details online by the portal. The portal will allow for making a payment after validating the details. Payment can be made using any one the available payment modes. The payment gateway is safe for making the payments, and upon confirmation, a mail and message will be sent to the email address and mobile number given at the time of payment.

  • Q6. What are the eligibility criteria for using the LIC online e-services?

    Ans. A person holding a valid policy from the LIC can register on the portal. The guardians of the minor can register a policy in the name of the minor, and they can use the portal for the services. Once the minor reaches the age of 18, he/she can get the login credentials to operate the account.

  • Q7. How does the online payment get acknowledged under a policy?

    Ans. The payments are done via online mode, banks or service centres are consolidated at the divisional office of LIC. Premium transactions and policy renewal receipts are created against each policy number for which the payment has been received. Once confirmed, the renewed policy is sent to the registered address of the policyholder.

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 17 March 2021