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LIC Merchant Portal

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LIC Merchant Portal: An overview

LIC has been a proactive organization working towards securing the health expenses and the future of one's descendants through life insurance products. It is one of the leading providers of insurance policies throughout the country with one of the best claim settlement ratios among insurers.

Once a life insurance policy or health insurance plan has been sold, the most essential part is the payment of premiums. To facilitate the smooth functioning of premium collection, LIC had launched its merchant portal for ease of transactions for the customers. These LIC merchants are fully authentic, reputable, and reliable.

For the smooth and effective functioning of its activities, LIC's merchant portal enables all tasks to be performed online. The merchants need to login for the collection of premiums from policy owners.

LIC Merchant Portal: What is it?

The LIC Merchant portal is the online site where the policyholder can pay his/her premiums duly on their life or health insurance plans. Merchants, or agents, are individuals who act as an intermediary between LIC of India and their customers, i.e., policyholders and are tasked with premium collection from them. These LIC merchants log in the portal using their ID & passwords to fulfil their tasks.  

Apart from premium collection, merchants also carry out other tasks like viewing and updating details using online merchant tools provided in the portal.

Every LIC Merchant needs to meet certain qualifications and pass interviews along with the IRDAI examination for registering as a merchant. They are responsible for suggesting the best kind of insurance policy for an interested individual amongst several plans.

They need to collect the premium from policy owners through this portal. However, they have many more ancillary functions.

Functions of LIC Merchants

Following are some of the functions of LIC Merchants:

Premium Collection

The primary function of the merchants is to collect premiums from policyholders through the LIC merchant portal.

Intimation of Default

In case a policyholder makes default in paying a due premium, these merchants will intimate the policy owner for the same.

Assigning Premiums

The merchants are also tasked to assign premiums and collect the same from the policyholders.

Updating Details

They are also tasked with updating details like the premium history of the policyholder in the portal.

To carry out their activities effectively, LIC Merchants need to register on the portal for accessing all the services therein.

How to Register on the LIC Merchant portal?

To avail of all the above services on the portal, one needs to register on the website. The login credentials are used to access the site and all its functions. Here is a step-by-step guide to registering on the LIC Merchant Portal:

Step 1: Visit go to the 'agent's module helpline' under the online services option.

Step 2: Click on the ‘click here to register' option.

Step 3: Subsequently, the user will be asked to fill in all personal details on the site.

Step 4: Once this is done, click on 'generate OTP'.

Step 5: A One-time password will be sent to the individual's registered mail ID/phone number.

Step 6: Once they enter the OTP, the registration process is complete.

To login to the LIC Merchant Portal, the agents need to enter their unique user ID and password.

How to log in to the LIC Merchant Portal?

To avail of the numerous merchant services online, the agent will need to log in to the LIC Merchant Portal to carry out their activities. Here is a step-by-step guide-

Step 1: Visit the LIC official website at

Step 2: Click on the 'agent's portal' option under the online services menu tab.

Step 3: Select the role of 'agent'.

Step 4: The agent will then need to submit his agent code or registered mail/number.

Step 5:  Enter the password and select the date of birth.

Step 6: Click on the option 'sign-in' to proceed.

As sensitive information is accessible through the LIC Merchant portal, the account is password protected. However, if an agent loses track of his password, he/she may follow some simple steps to recover access to their account.

LIC Merchant Login Process if One Forgets the Password

In a world of multi-online presence, one can easily forget the password for a particular account. However, it is as simple to retrieve the password as it is to create an account.

In case one forgets the password for logging in, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the LIC official website at

Step 2: Click on the 'merchant's portal' option under the online services menu tab.

Step 3: Go to the 'login' option.

Step 4: Click on 'forgot password'.

Step 5: The agent will then be asked to enter his/her relevant information like User ID & Email ID.

Step 6: A mail will be sent subsequently on the registered email id.

Step 7: This mail will contain the new password, and the agent can log in to the site using the same.

After receiving the mail, the agent can create another password as per his/her convenience. However, the agent may feel the need to change his/her existing password, which can also be done with equal convenience.

How to Change the Password of LIC Merchant Account?

To change the password of one's account on the portal, the LIC merchant must go through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the LIC official website of LIC.

Step 2: Click on the 'merchant's portal' option under the online services menu tab.

Step 3: Go to the 'login' option.

Step 4: Click on the option 'change password'.

Step 5: The merchant will then have to enter his existing password and user ID.

Step 6: A new box will appear wherein the merchant has to enter new password he wishes to use twice.

Step 7: Click the reset button.

Having an Email ID is pivotal for LIC Merchant’s Login. It is required to keep track of all corporation's notifications, updates, and verifications. But, if the merchant has updated his/her Email ID, they can change it quickly on the portal.

How to Update Email ID on LIC Merchant Portal?

Email ID is an important communication tool for receiving notifications and updates that require action. More importantly, several verifications are carried out on the registered Email ID of the agent. Hence, if the agent has acquired a new one, they need to update it on the portal.

Step 1: Visit the LIC official website.

Step 2: Click on the 'merchant's portal' option under the online services menu tab.

Step 3: Go to the ‘login' option.

Step 4: Click on the option 'update Email ID'.

Step 5: The merchant will be asked for his user ID and password for verification to change his Email ID.

Step 6: Click on ‘update' and the new Email ID will be registered instantly.

Benefits of using LIC Merchant Portal

The LIC Merchant portal acts as an effective online workplace for agents to carry out their collection and updates work. Advantages of using the portal:

  • The agents can swiftly confirm active as well as withdrawn plans that are or had been previously offered by LIC. This enables them to quickly respond to a potential customer's queries based on the most current knowledge of the Corporation's workings
  • Confirm the nearest maturity date of the policies previously sold to customers
  • In case of default by the policyholder in paying a premium, the portal updates the date of the first unpaid premium. This enables the calculation of the grace period of the plan along with the number of maturity benefits (if any) to be paid to the nominees
  • Check the details of lapsed policies
  • Oversee the details of a loan taken by a policy owner against an insurance plan

How to become a LIC Merchant?

To become a LIC Merchant, one must fulfil a certain set of criteria as laid down by the Corporation. They are:

Documents Required

To become an agent of LIC, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and an Indian citizen. For this, he/she needs to furnish the date of birth certificate obtained from the Municipal Corporation. The applicant has to bring this certificate along on the date of the interview. If the applicant does not possess one, he needs to visit his local Municipal Corporation and get it made.

Educational Requirements

The applicant must be at least 10th pass in school and should have the official passing certificate issued by a valid education board and signed & stamped by the school. If the applicant does not possess one, he needs to visit his school and obtain the same.

Identification Requirements

The applicant aspiring to become a LIC Merchant must possess a personal PAN and Aadhar Card, which he will need to submit to the Corporation. This can be done online, as well. If the applicant does not possess one, he needs to get it made.

Interview & Training

Once the applicant has all the necessary documents in order, he needs to visit the nearest LIC branch office and intimate the development officer. The development officer will fix a date for an interview as he deems fit. If the applicant qualifies the interview, he/she will then be inducted in the LIC Merchant training program. This training program will be of 25 hours.

The applicant will be given information about the IRDAI exam and all other details necessary.

IRDAI Examination

The Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) conducts regular examinations. The applicant must obtain at least 40% marks in the examination to qualify to be a LIC Merchant and receive the appointment letter.

Appointment Letter and Interview

Upon successfully qualifying the exam, the applicant will receive an appointment letter with a code inside. They then need to visit the LIC Branch Office again for an interview and further guidance by the development officer. The location and name of the development officer will be mentioned in the appointment letter.

Interview & Training with the Officer

The development officer will further train the applicant with useful, practical know-how, after which, another interview will be taken.

If the applicant qualifies this interview as well, he/she will be a registered LIC Merchant.

How to apply for LIC Merchant Online?

One can apply for the application form online as well. Once submitted, they will be assigned an interview date. The process to apply for a LIC Merchant online is:

Step 1: Visit the LIC official website at

Step 2: Go to ‘join our team' menu tab and click on ‘be an agent (individual)

Step 3: Click on the 'apply now' option.

Step 4: Fill in the application form and obtain a print out of the same, which needs to be taken along for the preliminary interview.

Functions of LIC Merchants: Premium Collection

LIC lists premium collection as a primary function of their agents. Some LIC Merchants are authorized to collect premiums from the policyholders. They are:

  • Chief organizer & retired LIC employees
  • Empower agents collecting premium through specific premium points
  • LIC associates and senior business associates who are authorized to collect premium through Life Plus offices

Services offered by LIC Merchants Portal

The LIC Merchant portal offers the following services to its agents:

  • Policy lapse & revival details
  • Customer tracking tools
  • Policy status view
  • Policy maturity date
  • Claims inquiry
  • Register complaints
  • Complaint status view

LIC Merchant's App

The LIC Merchant app is a tool provided by LIC to its agents to manage and facilitate the sale of insurance policies to potential clients. This app is available on Android and iOS devices. Some of the key functions of the app are:

  • One-time password (OTP) based authentication & verification of its agents
  • Multi login platform for LIC Merchants
  • Policy alerts & greetings
  • Registering and tracking complaints
  • Agent’s diary & customer appointments
  • Important renewals

LIC Merchant’s Customer Care Details

LIC Merchants have helpline dedicated to agents of the corporation. They can resolve their queries regarding any insurance policy, LIC Merchant Login, dashboard, etc. through this helpline.

LIC Merchants are facilitators in the insurance market between LIC of India and the customers, potential as well as existing. To consolidate the working of such a diverse range of policies sold to such an immense data set as LIC does require a real-time online tool, which makes the LIC Merchants carry out their tasks in a much more coherent and comprehensive manner.

LIC Merchant Portal serves as a unique platform for the Corporation's agents to track their customer's policy details such as maturity date, the due date of premium, claims that have arisen, etc. All with a few taps on the screen. This skill in action also goes a mile in assisting the merchants in selling policies to interested customers without any waste of time.

LIC Merchant Portal - FAQs

  • Q1. Is it safe to make payments via LIC Merchant Portal?

    Ans. LIC Merchant Portal is the official website that the Corporation has for its agents. This site's principal focus is to facilitate the quick exchange of information on real-time management of customer databases. Thus, security has been given a priority, making it 100% safe for agents to make their transactions via this portal.

  • Q2. Can passwords of the portal be changed?

    Ans. The password of LIC Merchant Portal can easily be changed. One just needs to visit the official website and click on 'forgot password' at the login box. After filling in the necessary details like registered mail ID and phone number, a confirmation mail will be sent, which will enable the agent to change his password.

  • Q3. Is it necessary to have an Email account in place for accessing the LIC Merchant Portal?

    Ans. Yes. Having an Email ID is a must for every agent. The Email ID is used for various verifications, notifications, and updates from the Corporation relevant to the agent's work. This is why it is pivotal to have an Email ID to access the portal.

  • Q4. What is the official website for LUC?

    Ans. The official website for LIC is

  • Q5. What to do if the merchant forgets the password?

    Ans. One can easily reset the password through the portal. After clicking on 'forgot password,' they will be asked to fill in their registered mail and user Ids to make the change. The same can be done once they have confirmed their current password for verification.

  • Q6. How to change Email ID in the LIC Merchant’s Portal App?

    Ans. The Email ID of an agent can be easily changed on the LIC Merchant Portal. One just needs to visit the official website and click on 'change Email ID' at the login box. After filling in the necessary details like User ID and phone number, a confirmation mail will be sent, which will enable the agent to change his Email ID.

  • Q7. How to contact LIC executives for any queries?

    Ans. LIC Merchants have a helpline dedicated to agents of the corporation. They can resolve their queries regarding any insurance policy, LIC Merchant Login, dashboard, etc. Through their helpline.

  • Q8. Does the LIC of India officially appoint the merchants?

    Ans. Yes. The Corporation appoints the merchants after meeting certain requirements and qualifications. Henceforth, they need to clear interviews and the examination held by IRDAI to become a LIC Merchant.

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 17 March 2021