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Royal Sundaram General Insurance
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*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Ltd. holds the unique position of being the first licensed general insurance company in India in October 2000 by IRDAI. It began its journey as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited as a joint venture with Sundaram Finance, one of the most respected NBFC operating in India. The initial joint partner was Royal Sun Alliance Insurance PLC of UK, which was terminated in 2015 when its stake was acquired by the parent promoter. A new partner Ageas Insurance International NV joined in Feb 2019 after obtaining necessary regulatory approvals. The insurer's delivery ecosystem consists of direct sales, intermediaries, and affinity partners with a pan India reach, apart from the most convenient 24/7 online portal.

The product bouquet for individuals contains Motor, Health, Home, Personal Accident, and Travel Insurance. At the same time, in the commercial space, they have an array of specialized products like Fire, Marine, Engineering, Liability, and Business Interruption, to name a few. Royal Sundaram also caters to MSMEs and rural clients while they are considered pioneers in Bancassurance backed by time tested tie-up with Banks and NBFCs.  

Royal Sundaram General Insurance: Present Position

The verve and dynamism of Royal Sundaram Insurance can be attributed to getting a head start in the insurance sector immediately after India's Government opened it up in 2000. To realize this goal, they have chalked out a roadmap matching the ethos of the country. Their mission is to:

  • Innovative insurance solutions, products, and superior service to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Uphold the tenets of integrity and conduct with uncompromising honesty.
  • Commitment to shoulder responsibility with the perpetual pursuit of excellence, empowerment, and knowledge sharing.
  • Focused development of human resources to achieve the highest standards of professionalism through continuous learning and improvement
  • Recognition of performance and rewards for picking up challenges
  • Royal Sundaram is the first Health Insurer to offer the benefit of Hospital Cash.
  • It is the first insurer to innovate the entire motor insurance vehicle assessment process by revolutionizing
  • The Company is certified ISO 9001 2015 for efficient customer services.

                                        Highlights as on 31 March 2019

Number of Customers

4.5  million

Service Locations


Number of Branches


                                Source: IRDAI

Gross Direct Premium In General and Health Insurance

3172.57  crores

Incurred Claim Ratio

85 % overall

Assets Under Management

8087.17 crores

Solvency Ratio


Number of GI Products Approved including add-on and endorsement


Number of Health Insurance Products Approved including add-on and endorsement


*Paisawiki doesn’t endorse, rate or recommend any insurance provider or products offered by a particular insurance company

Royal Sundaram General Insurance: Products and Services

Royal Sundaram General Insurance provides a host of beneficial policies under Motor Insurance and Health Insurance. The company offers various customized plans to cater to the needs of the Indian insurance customers. Not only are the plans rich in features, but also provide a budget range of insurance products to suit every pocket.

Royal Sundaram Motor Insurance Policy

Under motor insurance category, the insurer offers insurance coverage for two wheelers and four wheelers with a variety of plan options.

Types of Car Insurance

  • Private Car Liability Only Policy-This policy offers coverage for the owner of a private car for third-party liability for a period of 3 years. This plan covers the costs incurred in case of legal liabilities arising due to any damage or death caused to a third party or his vehicle or property on account of a motor accident. This coverage is as per the mandatory statutory requirements of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. 
  • Private Car Package Policy-This type of motor insurance policy offers a comprehensive cover that includes both the cover for damage of your insured vehicle along with a third- party liability cover. This policy provides coverage for private cars for a period of 3 years. The prime feature of this policy is that all the benefits of different insurance policies for own car damage, third-party cover and loss of the vehicle due to theft or other reasons, are adequately covered in one policy package.
  • Bundled Private Car Long Term Policy- This is a unique customized car insurance cover for private cars, which offers 3-years comprehensive motor insurance cover plus 1-year Own Car Damage cover. This plan provides the policyholder with dual benefits of not only a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover but also a bundled cover for own damage which generally comes as a separate cover. The features with this cover offer enhanced coverage for loss, damage or theft of vehicle due to accident or natural calamities or even third-parties.
  • Car Shield -Car Shield is a customized vehicle protection cover that incorporates 12 distinct add-on covers. These extra covers enhance the protection offered by the standard car package policy.  These add-on covers include No Claim Bonus Protector, Depreciation Waiver on plastic or metals parts (in case of partial loss/claim), Key Protector, Windshield Glass add-on cover without affecting No Claim Bonus, Enhanced PA Cover, Full Invoice Price cover, etc.
  • Standalone Motor Own Damage Policy-Own Damage (OD) cover is a standalone or separate insurance cover for your vehicle that provides coverage against damage or loss caused to your vehicle on account of accidents, fire, or theft. This cover will help you compensate you for any expenses incurred during repair or replacement of damaged parts of your car in an accident.

Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Two -Wheeler Liability Only Policy- This insurance cover is specially designed for two-wheelers, like motorbikes or scooters, to cover only the mandatory and essential liability for third parties. The main feature of this cover is that, unlike regular TP covers, this coverage is provided for an extended period of 5 Years. It provides convenience and hassle-free insurance for an extended period.
  • 5 Years Two-Wheeler Package Policy-This policy is again for two-wheelers like motorbikes and scooters, but in a more comprehensive form that extends coverage to the vehicle and its owner for damage, loss or accident, for a 5-years period. This coverage, once purchased, relieves the policyholder of the hassles of renewing motor insurance for full five years.
  • Bundled Two-Wheeler Long Term Policy- Another extension of a wholly customized two-wheeler insurance policy, this plancombines together the salient features of Two-wheeler Comprehensive Motor Insurance along with two-wheeler Third-party liability cover. This results in a much desired and beneficial motor insurance policy for bikes for an extended time period.
  • Two-Wheeler Long Term Policy–Generally, two-wheeler motor insurance covers come for a tenure of one year and have to be continually renewed annually on time so as not to lose any policy benefits. There are 5-year term insurance covers also, but some policyholders may not prefer them due to higher premiums. This policy offers an insurance solution for middle term-i.e. 2 or 3 years, as per the individual’s choice and convenience. The premiums are priced accordingly.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy

Under the Health Insurance segment, Royal Sundaram offers two comprehensive plans to cover the medical needs of Indian families, which are just not limited to an individual and children. These plans are:

  • Lifeline- Royal Sundaram Lifeline health insurance plan is a comprehensive and holistic plan that covers the health insurance needs of an individual and his family. The family coverage includes spouses and up to 2 dependent children. It offers the facility of 100% sum insured reload, no room rent capping in case of hospitalization, AYUSH treatment, and double sum assured benefit for five claim-free years. This plan provides coverage under options from Rs 2 lakh onwards. The maximum coverage is up to Rs 1.5 crores.
  • Family Plus -This health insurance plan is tailor-made for large families. It offers coverage for an individual along with his family members that can include up to 19 distinct relations. This plan provides sum assured coverage for individuals for Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. Under the family floater option, this policy offers sum assured options from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. Noteworthy features of this plan include maternity expense coverage, and sum reload benefit, no claim bonus, preventive health care, wellness programs and annual medical checkups. There is also no restriction of entry age for applying to this plan.

Renewal of Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Renewal of insurance policy is vital to the continuance of risk coverage. The insured must ensure that the renewal process is completed well in advance before the expiry date. In the case of Motor Insurance, the policyholder does not have any choice, as vehicle insurance is mandatory for driving on Indian roads as per IRDAI stipulations. In the case of health insurance, failure causes the policy to lapse. However, there is a grace period applicable after the expiry date to renew the policy. The consumer has a choice of both traditional offline renewals by visiting the insurer office and the more convenient online mode, at The renewal process is not much different in the verticals of Royal Sundaram General Insurance.

Offline Renewal: It is the usual practice in India for the Agent or the insurer to remind the policyholder about the impending renewal. As far as motor insurance, vehicle dealers have tie-ups with insurers, and insurance renewals are routed through them. It remains one of the most common modes of general insurance policy renewal. The quote is given to the policyholder for approval and premium payment through Cheque or DD.

Online Renewal:  The process at the official website of is the easiest one to renew Royal Sundaram general insurance policies. The steps are as mentioned below:

  • Select the Instant Renewal button on the home page of The ‘Renew Online’ window opens seeking inputs such as Policy Number and Expiry Date to proceed.
  • The policy details and the premium is displayed for review. The premium should accommodate the No Claim or Cumulative Bonus; however, it is called to reduce the premium appropriately.
  • Royal Sundaram Insurance Online Payment at the available gateway and payment options completes the renewal process completely.  
  • Download the policy document for the future reference.  

Documents Required for Royal Sundaram Insurance Renewal

Royal Sundaram General Insurance policies can be renewed easily both online as well as offline. A policyholder can continue to enjoy the benefits of insurance of a health insurance plan or a motor insurance policy with consistent renewals. Generally, no documents are needed at the time of renewal of any policy.

However, if a break in policy renewal occurs beyond the given renewal grace period given as per the policy document, there are chances of lapses of the policy. In such cases, the policyholder has to perform all the necessary formalities as in the case of a policy purchase, complete with the submission of personal documents.

The documents required to be submitted under such circumstances are:

  • Identity Proof in the form of any one of these: Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License
  • Address proof in the form of a copy of any one of these-AADHAAR Card, Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, Electricity or other Utility Bills
  • Passport size photographs of all participating policy members
  • Application Form, duly filled
  • Medical certificates, if required, in case of health insurance policies
  • Vehicle documents, wherever required

Royal Sundaram General Insurance – Claim Process

The claim settlement mechanism is the ultimate in policyholder experience that fosters a relationship with the insurer. Royal Sundaram philosophy focuses on customer satisfaction through a claim settlement mechanism that is simple to intimate and register, but also honest, prompt, and fair. However, the process is vastly different in verticals needing independent description. Since the scope was confined to only Motor and Health Insurance, the following descriptions pertain only to them. A cardinal point for the policyholder to remember for a hassle-free claim settlement is to be aware of the exclusions in a motor as well as Health Insurance.

Claim Steps for Motor Insurance

Intimation: The claim process is always initiated by intimation and registration of the claim. The communication channel open to the policyholder are:

  • Call at 1800-568-9999.
  • Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • SMS “MOTORCLAIMS” at 567675
  • At the portal
  • At the nearest branch

The details to be given for registration of the claim are:

  • Details of the loss
  • Accident
  • Theft
  • Third-Party Liability

Other details required:

  • Policy particulars
  • Driver particulars

Nature of Claim: There are two types of claims for Royal Sundaram Motor Insurance. They are Cashless and Reimbursement. In both cases, it is important to remember that self-repair should never be contemplated.  

Cashless Claim

It is undertaken in the authorized garages only, which have a tie-up with the insurer for cashless repairs. The procedure involved is:  

  • Upon intimation, a Surveyor is appointed who either visits the spot or the garage, subsequent to shifting of the damaged vehicle to it.
  • The surveyor evaluates the damage to the estimated cost of repair.
  • In case of a Third Party Claim, a copy of FIR is mandatory.
  • Appropriate Royal Sundaram Insurance Claim Form along with a copy of Registration, KYC documents are collected by the insurer for further processing.
  • The garage undertakes the repair based on the surveyor's approved estimate and hands over the policyholder's repaired vehicle.
  • The bill is settled by the insurer directly with the garage.

Reimbursement Claim

 It is available when the services are taken from a non-network garage.

  • The officially appointed surveyor inspects the vehicle for damage and informs the estimated cost of repair. The vehicle is carried to any garage for repairs.
  • The policyholder pays the bill and subsequently submitted to the insurer, along with the requisite documents and Royal Sundaram Insurance Claim Form.
  • It is pertinent to mention that the repair may not be undertaken in an authorized garage for reimbursement claim.
  • Once the claim is lodged, Royal Sundaram Insurance Claim Status can be ascertained through SMS alerts and by calling the Customer Services.

Claim Steps for Health Insurance

Health insurance policies under Royal Sundaram General Insurance also provide for Cashless and Reimbursement claims. But the central point of dichotomy is that hospitalization can be either Planned or Emergency. Before delving into the procedure of health insurance claim settlement, it is prudent to learn about the two types. In either of the cases, i.e., Cashless and Reimbursement, prior intimation to Royal Sundaram is a must.  

  • Planned Hospitalization: Hospital treatment is decided beforehand, and the schedule is prepared in consultation with the treating physician. The policyholder has to collect the pre-authorization form and submit it after completion, duly endorsed by the hospital at least 72 hours before admission for approval.  
  • Emergency Hospitalization: happens when there is a sudden medical crisis like an accident when the policyholder has to be urgently shifted to the hospital for treatment. The pre-authorization form is filled up on the spot and submitted within 24 hours to register for cashless treatment.  

Communication Channels for Intimation

  • Toll-Free 1800-425-0000
  • Email at[at]royalsundaram[dot]in

Details Required at Intimation

  • Name of the insured patient
  • Diagnosis
  • Hospital Details
  • Date of Hospitalization
  • Tentative date of discharge.

Cashless Health Claims

It is entertained only in Network Partner Hospitals in which the following process is followed.

  • The patient walks into the hospital where the TPA has obtained the approval of a pre-authorization request.   
  • After treatment, the final approval is sought from the insurer by the TPA.
  • The policyholder pays if there is any shortfall in the hospital bill with respect to the approved amount.
  • The patient is discharged from the hospital.

Reimbursement Health Claims

  • The patient intimates the TPA and undertakes treatment at the hospital of choice.
  • On discharge, the patient collects all the bills with breakup duly endorsed by the hospital.
  • Royal Sundaram Insurance Claim Form and all the requisite documents are submitted to the TPA or the insurer directly.  
  • After processing the claim, the approved amount is remitted to the beneficiary account electronically.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance – Premium Payment

The delivery channel operating for Royal Sundaram General Insurance is elaborate. The ecosystem comprises multiple channels like Agents, Distribution Partners, Brokers, and Online. The traditional mode of Premium Payment is Offline and closer to Indian sensibilities. It applies to all the insurance verticals with minor variations because of the information and the documents required for premium payment.  

Offline Motor Insurance Premium Payment

There are options for the consumer to approach the Royal Sundaram Agent / Sales Executive or visit the nearest branch from among the 150 spread across the country. The advantage with the former is that, not only will they offer advice in premium payment, but also facilitate the process. It is pertinent to mention that the process is identical for Car and Two Wheeler insurance. The basic steps involved are choice of the plan, completion of the proposal form, and finally, payment of premium. The consumer is also required to submit a few documents relevant to the chosen plan.

Online Motor Insurance Premium Payment

This mode is convenient, comfortable, and has other advantages; the most important being lower premium, plan comparison, and modelling, not to mention 24/7 access. The consumer has a different choice of user-friendly portals of suitable aggregators such as The process at is not much dissimilar to the official Royal Sundaram portal and equally beneficial, needing a few defined steps to complete the process without any hassles.

  • The official website of Paisawiki home page offers the option to Generate a quote. The policyholder has to choose between “New Policy, Existing Policy of Royal Sundaram and Old Policy of Other Insurer".  However, in the case of Two-Wheeler Insurance, premium payment at the Royal Sundaram, the initial window seeks city, year of purchase, two-wheeler model, and status of policy to continue further.
  • In the second step, the mandatory fields to populate are Name, Cell Number, Email address, Manufacture Year, and whether Comprehensive or Third Party for a New Policy.  If it is an old policy of anotherinsurer, the Registration Number of the vehicle is sought.
  • The entries made so far are displayed for review and to generate quotes if approved.
  • Proceed to the premium payment page. Pay the premium using the options offered at the payment gateway.
  • Last, download the Policy Document from the registered email ID.

Offline Health Insurance Premium Payment

Health insurance is a different kettle of fish due to the implications it bears for protection not only of self but also the family as a whole. The other implications are choosing the right plan with covers to suit the health profile as well as the budget of the consumer. The fundamental point to remember in Health Insurance is absolute transparency in information sharing.  For those who are in two minds about the choice of plan, the offline mode works best. The Royal Sundaram professional Agents and Sales Executives and the Branch Advisors are more than happy to lead the consumer to a suitable health plan. The proposal is completed and submitted with supporting documents if any. The proposal is processed, accepted, and the premium quote is given, following which, premium payment is made through Cheque or a DD. Subject to compliance of other formalities like a pre-policy medical checkup, the Policy Document is handed over to the policyholder.

Online Health Insurance Premium Payment

The online mode of premium payment is popular among the new generation, as they feel comfortable navigating the digital platform. The inherent advantage at is that the consumer can compare plans and use the premium calculator to model a suitable plan. The steps to follow are defined below in sequence for the consumer to get familiar with the online mode of health insurance premium payment.

  • The policyholder has to click the health insurance option at and browse through "Get Quote."   
  • Choose the insurance plan to generate a quote. The first inputs are name, mobile number, number of family members to insure, and email address. On completion, proceed to the next page.
  • The Sum Insured for both individual and floater cover is the prime criteria on this page. It leads to the page where proposer details are input.
  • The following steps need the input of other insured details, health profile, and additional cover is chosen, etc. to model the health insurance plan.
  • Fill in the personal details with input from the health profile to generate the quote for premium payment.
  • Royal Sundaram Insurance Online Payment is through a secure gateway at and several options for the consumer to choose. Successful premium payment concludes the process totally for download the Policy Document signifying that all the formalities have been complied with.  

Royal Sundaram General Insurance: Awards and Achievements

With such an illustrious legacy, Royal Sundaram is no short on awards and accolades. The rich mantle boasts of the following awards won by them:

  • Recognized in 2011 by Celent for implementing WorkflowEnabled Policy Administration with the help of Externalized Engines
  • Recognized by Celent in 2013 in the area of Distribution / New Business for Model Insurer Area Component
  • Recognized by Celent in 2014 for Productivity Improvement of Staff to enhance Customer Satisfaction by developing a Claims Management System
  • Was conferred the Information Week Edgy Award for various E-Application Implementation Projects

The achievements of Royal Sundaram are no less.

  • The insurance company’s accident and health claims process has been certified via ISO 9001-2015 certification for efficient customer service delivery.
  • The Company has successfully been the first insurer to launch IMAs or In-house Motor Assessors in the Motor Insurance sector.
  • The Company is the first insurer to support its health claims with cashless claim settlement.
  • Royal Sundaram has taken initiatives to be the first insurer to bring forth innovative health products such as hospital cash.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance FAQs

Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 28 December 2020

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