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Aviva Life Term Insurance Calculator

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Aviva India began its journey with collaboration between Aviva Plc., a UK-based insurance group, and Dabur Invest Corporation. The company aspires to provide its customers with potential term and health insurance plans. Before selecting any term plan, it is essential to understand the workings of the said plan.

Selecting a plan requires an understanding of the premium charges. The term insurance premium calculator tool eases the process of calculating the premium and getting a price quote. The premium calculator facilitates the decision-making of the customers.

The Aviva Life Term Insurance Calculator is an efficient online tool that helps the customer in calculating the premiums of the policies provided by Aviva Life Insurance.

This premium calculator is an easy and accessible tool, which requires some general inputs from the customers.

Inputs required include personal details, such as - age, date of birth, gender, date of commencement, and policy details, such as - policy term and type, sum assured, plan option, and payment frequency. This data is used to calculate the premiums for the plans selected by the customers.

Benefits of Using Aviva Life Term Insurance Calculator

After selecting a suitable plan, the next step is to calculate the premium cost. Premium costs vary by the plan selected; calculating them manually can be laborious. The Aviva Life Term Insurance Calculator erases this manual task. It is easy and quick to use.

Few benefits of the calculator are -

  • It assists in finding out the premium cost of the plan selected.
  • It allows you to check the premium quotation and also gives the product illustration.
  • It eases the task of comparing between several plans.
  • It facilitates analyzing the plan and aids in the decision-making process.

How to use the Aviva Life Term Insurance Calculator?

The premium calculator does not involve any complex steps. The procedure is relatively easy and straightforward. The subsequent points are the steps to be followed by the customers to access this tool -

  • Visit the homepage of the insurance company.
  • Select a potential plan from the available list of plans.
  • To use the premium calculator tool, select the "Calculate Premium" hyperlink, which would lead to the tool page.
  • Fill in the personal details, which include general details like date of birth and gender.
  • Next, fill in the details regarding the policy, which include details like the policy term, premium type, and payment frequency.
  • Select the “View Illustration” option to get the tentative premium cost and also the product illustration.
  • If the results are satisfactory, the customer may go ahead and purchase the plan.

The Term Insurance calculator tool will help in obtaining the premium quotations for the Aviva life insurance policies. To reiterate the tool's benefits, the premium calculator is a quick online tool and is simple to use while purchasing term plans online. Insurance helps in securing one's future from probable unforeseen predicaments. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and select the proper term plan that assists in securing the future financially.

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Written By: Paisawiki - Updated: 22 April 2021